>RAW.Crunchy FlaxSeed Cookies and Cashew Butter Fudge Cookies

>As posted previously with lovely pictures of my newfound favourite cookies, these are pics of the cookies fresh out of the oven, although mostly gone now! These cookie recipes can be found in my new cookbook RAW The Uncook Book by Juliano is just super great, surprisingly delicious, easy and wholesome. The ingredients in the book is all about rawness, freshness and pure-state of foods, eaten with all it’s untouched goodness. The dessert section is the best part, cos they are all healthy and good for you. All good fats, good ingredients and good feelings! Because the book is all about eating foods raw, he calls for a dehydrator, but I opted for the oven instead as it works just as well. I modified some of the ingredients too as I didn’t have or didn’t want to use some of them, which I will indicate as I go.

Crunchy Flax Seed Cookies
2cups flax meal (or flax seed grounded)
4 fuji apples (coursely processed)
1cup walnuts (chopped)
2cups maple syrup (or 1cup date paste or chopped dates)
So all you need to do is combine them all together, mix and form into cookie shapes or balls and bake for 40min under 180deg.

Cashew Butter Fudge Cookies
1 cup cashew butter (or 2cups cashews blended till smooth, add water to make it creamy while blending)
1 cup carob (or cocoa powder)
2 cups maple syrup (or 1 cup date paste or 2 cups applesauce)
2 cups coconut meat (or 2 cups dessicated coconut)
1 cup walnuts, macadamia, pecans (roughly processed)
1 tbsp vanilla extract
So just put them all together, mash and combine together and form into cookies. Easy peasy. Again, in the oven for 40min under 180deg.
Hope you will try it out. It’s really delicious!