>Weekend Surprises


Well, this weekend was a big surprise when it comes to my husband’s culinary skills. I was surprised with his chosen recipes as they were outside his normal dishes but at the same time thoroughly impressed with the end result.
He chose to cook Chicken Tikka for Friday night’s dinner accompanied with a side of vegetable stirfry. The chicken tikka was creamy, tasty, tender and with the right amount of spices. It was lovely! I could eat the entire tray by myself. He chose this recipe out from Eat, Taste and Heal – an ayuverdic cookbook. He will definitely be cooking this dish again, I insist!!

And then on Saturday night, he made another lovely dish, Meatloaf – accompanied by the tastiest tomato gravy and a side of roasted vegetables.
This little beauty is another delicious meal, 2days in a row, how great is that? I told him to cook anything he wishes during the weekend, as during the week, he has to eat whatever I cook and want to eat. So, majority of it is asian based, vegetables galore, tofu, beans, lentils, etc, therefore he cooks whatever he desires during the weekend.
This beauty is too good to be true. Another successful dinner by my oh-so talented husband!;) I’m so glad he’s becoming more confident in his cooking! Thanks darling!

This morning however, I tried something different, Chai Tea Latte. I decided to try Chai Tea Latte at Caribou Coffee at Dubai Mall and absolutely loved it! I asked the waiter what the ingredients were and found that it was pretty simple so I googled it and found several recipes. I didn’t realise it but my Avuryedic cookbook has a Chai recipe too, so I decided to try that one and found it to be very nice! Not like Caribou Coffee (it was a pre-made syrup) but it was close enough. We went to Lulu’s for food shopping and that place has everything! So many spices and herbs, it’s a cook’s haven! I didn’t realise but cardamon is quite expensive, compare to any other spices on the shelf.. next to saffron that is.
But this Chai Tea recipe serves about 6-8 cups, I kinda estimated myself to serve 2 cups. I put into a pot:
1 cup of milk
1 cup of water
5 cardamon pods
1 small cinnamon stick
4 star anise
4 cloves
1cm piece of fresh ginger, grated
1 tsp fennel seed
2 bags of black tea
1 tbsp manuka honey (or raw cane sugar)
I just let the milk come to boil and simmer under a very low heat for a while until the tea has come through and coloured the milk.
Then all I did was strain and drink! It was lovely with a big bowl of oats, nuts, cinnamon and banana!! I enjoyed breakfast on the balcony, in the Dubai heat, think it was about 38deg this morning. Think it’s about 43deg now. Yikes!!!