>Stirfry Seafood Balls with Cawan Mushi

>We had a semi vegetarian fiesta dinner last night. I decided to play around with 2 types of mushroom and tofu. I found inspiration in my newest cookbook – Thai Vegetarian Cookbook. I’ve become intrigued and motivated to have more vegetarian food, fish and chicken rather than red meat, although we have red meat once or twice a week only. My husband is a total lover of red meat so I will not deny him that luxury.

So anyway, back to it, I decided to focus on 2 main ingredients which were tofu and mushroom. I actually made the cawan mushi first, but I will talk about the stirfry seafood balls first. I had half a tofu left over from the cawan mushi, panfried them first with the seafood balls. We had prawn, lobster, cuttlefish and tofu fish balls in the freezer, so I combined the both with vegetables.
All you need is:
cabbage, capsicum, onions, black chinese mushroom and fresh coriander and spring onion.
For the sauce:
salt, pepper, chinese bbq sauce and water.
Simple and easy. I stir fried the vegetables till fragrant and then the sauce, mixing well. Then adding in the fried tofu and seafood balls and finally when everything’s cooked, in goes the spring onion and coriander. Turn the fire/heat off and gently toss together.
The cawan mushi was an experiment as I have not done this before. This dish is steamed in a cawan (cup/mug) in a pot filled with water.
For this one, it serves 2 people:
2 eggs
1/2 tofu, mashed
1 can of button mushroom, sliced
4 black chinese mushroom, sliced
1/2 cube vegetable stock
3/4 cup water
2tsp soy sauce
spring onion and coriander, chopped
salt and pepper
So all you need to do is combine all the above as you go, pour the mixture into 2 ceramic mugs/cups (I used soup mugs). Then all you need to do is place them elevated in boiling water and steam for 20-30min (30min to be sure). This can be eaten with pickled green chilli. That’s on my next-to-do list. I’ve always wanted to pickle my own chilli, like the ones we use to have with Hakka Mee and Beef Noodle at the Seremban Wet Market! My ultimate favourites!!!!! Those who know what I’m talking about – Holla – !!!