>A Whole Lotta Goodness (Me)

>I apologise for the silent treatment these few weeks, rather the 1.5months I have not blogged. I started spending time in the gym with new classes that I wanted to try, collecting zillions of online recipes through other foodie blogs (it can get very addictive) and other mindless random things. It all takes time so blogging was the last time on my mind. I’ve also become a major procrastinator and so I took a break from blogging.

However, it is nice to know that I have ‘followers’ may it all be only a handful asking me to update my blog. So here I am. Finally. This post is the backlog all in one. So have fun browsing through this quick blog, I will go back to normal postings soon.

I found Camel Milk in Carrefour and decided to try it out, suffice to say I threw majority of it out. I can describe the taste as heavy, thick, salty and meaty. It didn’t go well with coffee that’s for sure and you all know I like experimenting with new things. I have experimented and that’s it. HAH! Don’t want to put myself through that again. Green Tea Latte is definitely more drinkable now. BUT, Camel Milk Chocolate is a totally different story, now that one is something made in heaven!

This is a wonderful pork and sausage hearty tomato stew with loads of onions, garlic and tomato puree. I love tomato puree. We found some great tomato purees in carton boxes rather than cans. We’re slowly moving away from cans especially when it comes to acidic products.

My husband made a lovely beef and pork sausage casserole, with loads of vegetables and again tomatoes and the magic sauce which is Worcester Sauce!
Another one from the husband, onion and capsicum omelette with a side of lettuce. We were planning for a heavy dinner so we had a light lunch so safe space for dinner.
YUMMY baked broccoli, tuna, mushroom baked in mushroom soup and topped with whole eggs for the semi casserole quiche melt dish.
This is my favourite, Thai Red Curry Tofu accompanied with loads of onions, carrots and fresh coriander. Made extra for two dinners, well 1.5 dinners especially after it’s been through me! I just cannot resist spicy food, it’s oh so addictive!
We both enjoyed a lovely modern fish and chips meal. The fish was crumbed and baked with the bestest crumb recipe ever from Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite cookbook, where the fish was accompanied by baked kumara chips and root vegetable bake. Super delicious, tangy and healthy.
This meal took alot of love and patience. I decided on a finger food night which consisted of vietnamese rice rolls and seaweed rolls, miso crusted tofu with sesame seeds, fried seafood balls and faux thai curry fish paste. I found a whole load of vegetarian food in Choitrams that happen to be on sale, so I stocked up. Recently found vegetarian pattie consisting of potatoes, corn, lentils, carrot which I bake for my husband’s lunch. He doesn’t like anything green but I hide it well in a vegetarian pattie! 🙂 The meal was accompanied by Lingham chilli sauce of course and soy sauce.
Baked Quinoa and Brown Rice with Chicken and Leek Pot Pie. YUMMY! That’s all I want to say.
Another successful dinner, roasted pork loin with Chinese 5 Spice Powder. This one was in the oven for 1hr and it came out juicy, I was so happy! I will be buying whole pieces of pork loin from now on, much more worth it than the cubes and more meat to enjoy too. So all this one took was a chinese rub consisting of 5 spice powder, salt and pepper which I left to marinate for a few hours before putting it in the oven. It came out ultra lovely and tasty!
I made this soup on the spot as I had 2 big bunches of spinach which was overdue to be cooked and some left over feta cheese in the fridge that urgently needed to be eaten otherwise thrown away. So this is Spinach and Feta Cheese soup, topped with Caramelised Onion and Mushrooms. The soup had pureed spinach, feta cheese, left over tofu, coriander and vegetable stock. They were all ‘cooked’ beforehand before being blended together and on the side, I stirfried the onions and mushrooms till golden brown and fragrant. They both accompanied each other perfectly. The soup was so hearty and delicious, this is definitely a successful concoction in my books, it was easy and fast to make. We enjoyed it with pieces of Quinoa Toasts.
Now this one is very recent, this lovely Malaysian meal was made last week when I saw a lovely picture that was put up by another blogger. I couldn’t resist but make it as I had bought keropok udang from our Brunei stopover and it would accompany Acar so nicely. It was my first time frying keropok and my poor chopsticks took the heat for me. I ate almost half of it while frying them and was already full before we even had dinner properly!
And the ‘piece of resistance’ (pronounced in French), the lovely red, shiny Acar! OMGness, it’s the best best best!!!! I got the recipe from the Rasa Malaysia blog and it was lovely! I couldn’t find candlenut so I replaced it with 3 tbsp of almond meal. I asked my mom what the purpose of the candlenut was and she said for thickness and to bring the vegetables together, like the purpose of flour in a cake. So she suggested either almond powder or flour or just omit it, but since I wasn’t going to put in peanuts, I decided to add in almond meal for the nutty flavour and as a substitute for candlenut.
The recipe can be found HERE. For the vegetables, it’s beans, carrots, cucumber and cabbage all chopped into julienne style. I made this and left it in the fridge overnight but couldn’t help taste it several times over!! It was SO GOOD. I will be making this again for sure!So we had this major massive Malaysian themed night, consisting of Keropok Udang, Acar, Egg Fried Rice and Vegetable Curry. There was a bowl of cold yoghurt for my husband, to dilute the chilli from all that spicy food. I just can’t get enough of spicy food. Suffice to say, we both came out with bellies stretched to the limit, we actually finished everything on the table you see above! I had ALOT of Acar! It has been too long since I had Acar and I couldn’t stop myself over excessively indulging and I paid, oh I paid!!
Something to entice you and get you to go and make Acar for yourself. I’m sure my readers would be able to find Keropok Udang anywhere. It’s Prawn Crackers and can be found in any Asian store or the Exotic Foods isle in your nearest supermarket. It’s beautiful and oh so lovely, you MUST try it.

This lovely dessert you see before you is Cherry Banana Ice Cream with Pumpkin Tofu Pie. SO SO SO SO GOOD. We are loving the Cherry Banana Ice Cream, basically blending frozen bananas with fresh cherries. Yes it’s that simple and easy and oh so guilt free! The Pumpkin Tofu Pie turned out so creamy, thick and fluffy and we both scoffed down the entire pie within minutes. The pie only used 1 can of Pumpkin Puree, 1 block of tofu, 1cup of Agave Nectar, 1 tbsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp vanilla essence and 2 eggs. Mixed together and in the oven for 1hr. Easy Peasy, lovely dovely. What more can I say?
This was last night’s meal, I made mix vegetable curry, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, ladiesfingers, beans, curry paste and tomato puree. All in a pot, eaten within seconds! Accompanied with roasted kumara and baked Nile Perch. It was meant to be Fish Curry but I made them separately. I’m experimenting with white fish at the moment, I didn’t like the taste of this fish, it was too powdery for my liking too. My favourite is still Sherri at the moment for versatility. Will be keen to try other white fishes out there very soon, hopefully every week we will have a white fish dish and salmon dish.
So this is me for today, it has taken me 1hr to write this post and it is well worth it because I now have gained back the passion for posting blogs. I will be making more Malaysian dishes since I’ve now found Rasa Malaysia, it’s my favourite site for Asian food as it covers Nyonya, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. The images are so beautiful and they always make me salivate! Keep up the faith in me, I will continue posting up blogs for my “fans” out there! 🙂
Oh by the way, my recent favourite try is Chai Tea Latte. The one I tried was at Caribou Coffee at Dubai Mall and it was oh so lovely. I’m going to try and find the recipe and try it out at home. Will keep you posted!