>Super Toastie Tofu Salad and Guilt Free Ice Cream YUM

>I decided to surprise my husband on a working day morning with this beautifully baked Croque Monsieur. This is one hot breakfast sandwich that I have memorised because it is my favourite to make and eat!

This breakfast needs to be prepared the night before. It’s really easy to make;
(from the bottom)
Layer 1: Bread with a coating of dijon mustard
Layer 2: Gouda Cheese (or whatever cheese you fancy)
Layer 3: Bread with a coating of dijon mustard
Layer 4: Few slices of low-fat chicken slices
Layer 5: Bread
Once these layers are put in place, beat 2 eggs, some milk, salt and pepper and pour over the sandwich. Place in a tight container, ensuring that the egg mixture overs the entire sandwich. If this is not possible, use a spoon and scoop up the egg mixture to douse the top layer of bread making sure that the breads are soaked with some egg mixture at least.
Leave to soak overnight in the fridge. All you need to do the next morning is place it in the oven, under 180degC for about 15min and enjoy with either red or brown sauce, or on its own.
This was my dinner last night, I had yesterday’s yoghurt salad with some boiled tofu, dressed with my all time favourite, Lingham Chilli Sauce! DELICIOUS!! My husband enjoyed the rest of the curry with toast.
And now, the best part… you heard me right, guilt-free ice cream. I have been reading and monitoring alot of the raw vegan websites and found lots of gems to try. I am keen to make at least 1 raw dish along with a cooked dish which I am trying to maintain.
This little number caught my eye, having been craving for sweets/ice cream lately. And the best bit is this is so guilt free unlike other desserts.
Firstly you will need some frozen bananas and some yoghurt. I used fat free yoghurt for added guilt free bonus.
Just slice up the bananas into small pieces and place into a food processor along with spoonfuls of yoghurt. Add the yoghurt in proportion to the number of bananas you use. In this case, I used 3 medium bananas with 2 tbsp yoghurt. Then blend.
This is what you get once the ingredients are all blended together. My husband dressed his ice cream with some maple syrup.
I had mine plain, although it turned out like a smoothie as I added an extra spoon of yoghurt! But I still enjoyed it immensely! I will attempt to make different flavours with my next try, maple pecan, taro, sweetcorn, strawberry, rum & raisin!!! YUM! oh oh…black sesame seed, green tea??? *drool* The possibilities are endless…