>Jones the Grocer Abu Dhabi

>For the first time, I felt as if I wasn’t in the UAE. Surrounded by accents from UK, Australia and NZ, we sat down in the middle cafe on the only vacant 2 seater table. The table was wooden with metal chairs, the ambiance was rustic and homely, kinda like Le Pain and More Cafe. We also included Lime Tree Cafe in the pool as we were going through places in Dubai that is similar to Jones the Grocer in terms of food and ambiance. It’s a more westernised cafe, however this one didn’t have a single middle eastern person in store.

Jones the Grocer is half cafe, half supermarket (this half yet to be open) but the cafe’s walls are lined with chutneys, crisps, breads, spices, pickles and sauces to buy, cookbooks, kitchen utensils, which makes the cafe so unique in the UAE. There were some lovely things to buy I have to say but the price is a little high for me, but it doesn’t stop me from looking and wanting! 🙂 I want the cookbooks, the teas, the sauces, the crisps, the cheeses, the olives, I want everything, I want to try everything in there!!
Moving along… the menu is quite well done too, takes me back home. It took us a while, well, it took me a while to choose a meal to try from the menu as I wanted to try it all. The time of the day didn’t help either, being 11am, haven’t had breakfast and wanting something hot to eat too but not too oily. It was mind boggling. The waiter got impatient and told us to call him back when we were ready to order.
So my husband ordered the Jones Big Breakfast which included 2 eggs, fried mushrooms, veal bacon and sausage, tomato and sourdough toast.

I had the Spanish Eggs ‘en cocotte’. It came with 2 eggs, spinach, Jones tomato relish and veal bacon, baked. On the side is a sourdough toast. We also order fresh pineapple juice and imported water!
The meal, company and ambiance was lovely. I could have stayed in there for a long time loving the environment and people watching and the accents and chitter chatter from all directions. It was time to leave when we stepped out into the heat and realise that we were in the UAE after all. My body was hit with a heat wave and we still had a long way back to the car.
Our day went on to more food eating! Our main reason for heading down to Abu Dhabi was for the Red Bull Air Show. While walking in the heat we had to cool off and found this lovely kiosk, Yogoday, fat free yoghurt dessert. Now we couldn’t say no to that!!!
I had a Large Mixed Berry Fruit Smoothie, a mixture of plain and strawberry yoghurts, blueberries, raspberry and strawberries blended together.
My husband had a Large Strawberry Yoghurt Pot, with kiwifruit, blueberries and pineapple toppings.
It was lovely. We couldn’t help but try each other’s order. The day was scorching hot but we were glad to have fat free yoghurt to cool us down. The kiosk was definitely making business as it was by the Corniche and it was a busy day out. A few unexpected turn of events, wandering eyes and bad behaviour but all handled well by security on hand. We hung around to see the air show for a few hours but had to move on from the heat and the crowd.
We headed back to our car, which was in the Al Wadha Mall, sat down and had copious amounts of coffee and more food. We did some window shopping, chatted, cafe lounged and did some people watching, it was a lovely weekend away from the hussle and bussle of Dubai. The drive back and forth was easy enough, we arrived home in darkness, happy, content and sunburnt!