>Fish and Chips

>My first go at cooking Fish and Chips! I have to say that it was lovely!! I used Sherri fish (500g) and it came out soft and firm, very very nice. I definitely recommend this fish. The taste isn’t too strong and overpowering, the taste of the batter came through which was nice.

I got the batter recipe from this month’s BBCGoodFood ME version.
50g self rising flour
50g cornflour
125ml beer (or sparkling water)
1 egg white
salt and pepper
So what needs to be done is put the flours, salt and pepper together in a flat plate and mix together. On the side, whip up the egg white till fluffy and semi-stiff.
When ready to cook, pour in the beer/sparking water, mix well, don’t worry about the lumps in the mixture and then fold in the egg white. We want the bubbles to retain in the mixture. Don’t stir or beat the mixture too much.
Heat up the frying pan and add some oil. Coat the fish nicely and fry.
On the side, I boiled up some mushy peas (which I then mushed) and some halved cherry tomatoes. Just lovely!
This is my plate, lovely slice of fish and mushy peas. I love my fish with a wedge of lemon. Adds a tangy taste to the fish. It helps too if the fish is very fishy, cuts out the taste.
And as expected, this is my husband’s dinner plate. There is a piece of fish in there somewhere, underneath all that tomato sauce. He loves eating his fish and chips with curry sauce, but I didn’t make any. I made some carrot ‘chips’ rather than potato chips, baked the rest of the buttercup too. For the carrot chips, I coated them with rosemary, oregano and thyme, salt and pepper and some olive oil. Baked for 50min as I like them really dry and overdone.
The meal was marvellous. Took abit of reading back and forth with the recipe as this is my first time but it was a good try I have to say. I love the fish, so next time I will try Crumbed Fish instead, a recipe from Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite. Should be fantastic. Will be making mushy peas again and vegetable chips to accompany. YUMMY!