>I’m so excited… And I just can’t hide it…

>Do you know what it is? Do you know what this is? 🙂

Sorry for being petty, but yes, it is Matcha (powdered green tea). We found it at Taste Dubai for a hefty price and I was so hesitant to get it but my husband told me that it’s ok. So I thank him for encouraging me to get it. I’ve been putting off opening the pack until today, eager to try the recently talked about “Green Tea Latte”. The lovely Japanese lady told me how to make it with just 1/2 tsp of matcha, dissolve it with hot water then add the hot milk to it. So this is what I did.
And voila! Lovely green milk! Haha. I was so excited to try it out and I have to describe the green tea latte as drinking milk that tasted like seaweed. Lucky that I like seaweed (except the super ‘fishy’ seaweed) as I’m going to focus and try out more Japanese food in the most healthy way. Alot of steaming, boiling, blanching, soups, green tea, sushi, raw and pure.
My uncle also introduced me to Macrobiotics which I am yet to experiment, yes yes I know, I’m a massive procrastinator. With all the cookbooks and health books that I have compiled both on paper and electronically, ironically enough, today I don’t feel like cooking and I don’t know what to cook! Oh by the way, at Taste Dubai, I got a free “Signature Cookbook” from BBCGF ME and Le Pain Quotiden (think I might have already posted that) and am determined to cook something lovely from there. I have already started with the Curry Chicken for lunch sandwiches which is utterly lovely. Tick of approval from the husband. Poor thing have been eating it for 1 week now as I cooked up 2 chicken breasts! Lasted 1 week between slices of small bread. He absolutely loves it which is good. Will try something else for next week from the books!! 🙂
Does anybody know where to get Matcha here in Dubai?