>Viva Mexicana Chilli Con Carne with Tomato Salsa and Cheese Nachos

>Nom nom nom… My husband was craving a big bowl of Chilli Con Carne with nachos so that is what he made! I decided to make a side of tomato salsa for the ‘healthy’ side of the meal but it did nothing as we both chowed down on everything!!

For the tomato salsa, it included:
10-15 cherry tomatoes, depending on size
1/2 avocado
1 red capsicum
1 handful of fresh coriander
1 lime
salt and pepper
fresh chilli (optional)

So all you have to do is chop them all up into small cubes/bite size pieces and toss them together. Add the juice of 1/2 a lime or more if you wish and some lime zest if you wish. Sprinkled some salt and pepper to taste and serve!

This lovely pot of chilli consisted of mince beef, red kidney beans, fresh mushrooms, tomato sauce, chilli con carne flavoured powder, onions and garlic. Toss all into a hot wok and cook till done. If you have time or the will power, leave it to stew for a while till thick and creamy. Mash in the red kidney beans to create the thickness. Its up to you. We added the left over yellow and black lentils too which was lovely! Anything goes I guess?!

And then on the side, lovely cheese nachos!!! It was LOVELY! We haven’t had nachos in such a long time, so I didn’t feel guilty when I scoffed down 3/4 of the bowl!! Oh DEAR!

The meal was hearty and lovely, we didn’t leave it to stew long enough because we both made the anonymous decision that we were both hungry and didn’t care how it looks like or how it’s done ‘properly’ so we just ate and ate and ate!! We were hungry, we could eat an entire horse! But suffice to say, I stuffed myself silly and suffered the entire night!

I couldn’t even be bothered going to work it off today, I hate having this conscience of eating too much, having to exercise and look good and stay fit and thin – damn society and the pressure and influence it has on me!!!!!!!!!!