>White Chicken and Vegetable Soup

>Yum yum yum! How delicious does that look? That was the condiment that we had with our white chicken. I processed:

1 garlic bulb
2 garlic (5cm long)
1 handful of fresh coriander
1 handful of fresh spring onion
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tsp salt

I minced and processed all the ingredients above and then hand mixed in the sesame oil and salt, adding and subtracting to taste.

Meanwhile, for the white chicken, this is the method of cooking for Hainanese Chicken Rice, where the chicken pieces or whole chicken is boiled in chicken stock. So what I did was, place 2 bowls of water into a saucepan with 1 cube of chicken stock and bring to boil. When it comes to boil, put in the chicken. Here I placed 500g of chicken breast and boil for 25 mins.

In the meantime, I cut up 150g of cabbage and 200g of broccoli into bitesize pieces. Once the chicken has cooked, I took out the chicken breast meat and put in the vegetables and brought them to boil. This would then be chicken vegetable soup to go along with the chicken. We enjoyed the chicken with the garlic ginger sauce and yesterday’s soy sauce chilli sauce.

What a lovely clean dinner, healthy and tasty too. We are suppose to do a ‘detox’ for 4 weeks as we had a very rich and greedy weekend that just passed. Suffice to say we are trying very hard to abide by that!!