>Nyong Taufu

>I finally tried making nyong taufu and finding a fish suitable for it is still on my list as I wasn’t happy or satisfied with this fish paste that I made from a Hammour fish fillet. I’m not sure what other fish to try but I don’t think I want to keep on trying, it’s too hard and too expensive.

So, it was fresh tofu, fried tofu and aubergine that I tried stuffing. I couldn’t find bittergourd at Carrefour and my husband doesn’t like ladies fingers so I just stayed with these 3 veges. Afterall, it’s only the 2 of us eating. I used:

400g hammour fish (minced)
1 tsp cornflour
1 tsp salt

2 small aubergine
1 packet fresh tofu
1 packet fried tofu
1 handful fresh coriander and spring onion
1 cube chicken/vegetable stock (had to use this as I couldn’t find chicken bones for our soup base)
2 large bowls of water
So all that was done was to stuff the fish paste into the vegetables, cut into small pieces (or halved). And set aside. Place the water into a saucepan and boil with the stock until boiling point. I placed the stuffed fried tofu to boil first, in the meantime I fried the eggplant and fresh tofu in a pan with sesame oil first before placing it into boiling soup to soften.

We had our delicious nyong taufu with soy sauce, sesame oil, spring onion and coriander with abit of chicken soup and green thai bird’s eye chilli! Talk about SPICY!!!

Well, the weather here in Dubai is getting better, warmer I have to say. It’s still nice when we go out for walks but it can sting after a while which isn’t so nice. But if you’re ready for a good sweat then it’s alright. The sun is shinning, the weather is warm… but I’m so lazy to get changed and head out 😛 HELP ME!