>Vegetarian Pakora Curry

>I found this little gem in Choitrams while browsing for foodstuff on sale, it’s made in Malaysia, suitable for vegans. There were 2 of them, vegetable pakora and thai fish cakes. I bought them both for AED3 each. I wasn’t really sure what to do with them or how to cook them so I decided to make a vegetable curry out of the pakora.

As they were soft and made from gluten (I pressume), I panfried them with onions and garlic. I boiled some mushy peas and mixed frozen vegetables at the side and stirred them in after the pakoras, garlic and onions were golden brown and caramelized. Then in went the vegetable curry mixture, which were also on sale in Choitrams for AED2 a bottle. I added 1-2 cups of milk because I didn’t realise that the paste was going to be that hot!! But as I tasted the dish, it was lovely! I was curious to try the vegan pakora and was nicely surprised. It was not bad at all. Wonder if they’re actually good for you? Compared to the real pakora I’m pressuming they are? But with all the added curry paste, etc, the caloric level would have probably been the same as the deep fried pakora??! Haha! We loved it anyway, it was nice.

So we had our vegetarian pakora curry with left over bolognese, both were very strong in their own taste but my husband mixed them both together!! Maybe that’s to soften the blow of the spiciness of the curry? We accompanied the dish with lovely fresh rye toast.

On my weekly visit to Organics, I found this – vegetable chips. They were AED20 each but were on sale for AED8 each! I don’t know what warrants vegetable chips to be AED20 each?! Is it cos the vegetables are organic? Or labelled organic? I’ll try making my own chips, it’s worth a try. I enjoyed it, baked parsnip, beetroot and carrots, it was nice. My husband didn’t like it so I chowed down the entire pack!