>Our busy weekend plus meals in between

>Where shall I start? We had such a busy busy weekend that it flew past without letting us know! A hard week passed, I’ve recovered from the flu so I’ve booked my 3rd training session for tomorrow and before that hopefully make it for Body Balance. Went out this morning to Organics and Choitrams for specials. Organics have slightly boosted sales on their items so I got a few products, soy milk, vege crisps, quinoa bread, organic blueberries and at Choitrams I got dates, spinach, herbs, lamb and Ocean Fresh Lite Cranberry and Mango juice for only AED2 each! So I grabbed the last 2 on the shelf. It’s weird that little things like that makes me smile.

Friday morning started off great, we had a nice lie in where I made an apple and grapefruit compote with raisins and cinnamon. The pictures and recipe are below… be patient, we’ll get there sure enough. We stayed in until about midday when we made our way to Dubai Mall for an appointment with Dermalogica. For some reason we thought that our appointment was on Friday but turned out to be on Saturday so we walked around the mall until our stomach growled to be filled. Here comes More Cafe, one of our favourite places to eat, drink and just relax.

Their signature colour is purple, so their staff uniform is purple, font is purple, menu is purple and they painted their ceiling purple too. The place is really relaxing, hip, fun, buzzy and always busy. Their menu is very extensive and caters for every different type of eating preference. Most of them are healthy too.

My husband couldn’t resist but to order the Fish & Chips which is new on the menu. While waiting for our food, we looked around and this dish is super popular. The kitchen was pumping these babies out almost with every order. Not surprising though, the majority of the clientele were expats missing their fish & chips. So the order came with a side of salad, tartar sauce, lemon and a bowl of potato wedges.

As for myself, I ordered a bowl of salad, spinach with warm pumpkin, feta and toasted pinenuts with sweet honey balsamic vinegar dressing that came with a slice of home made rye bread. It was the loveliest spinach salad I’ve ever had, not that I’ve had many, but I would definitely go back for a second round. It was so good!! Everything was fresh, crunchy, sweet and salty, so good!

We enjoyed our meal with a side of cafe latte and their famous cinnamon biscuits.

Apple and Grapefruit Compote
2 green apples
1 grapefruit
1 cup raisins
2 tbsp cinnamon

I decided to make this compote as I was craving apples that morning. I wanted something warm that morning so made this beautiful compote and had it with plain yoghurt and a handful of raw almonds. The grapefruit was very bitter so we added in some honey and cherry preserve to soften and sweeten the dish.

All I did was chop the apples into small bitesize pieces, cook that for a while until soft, then add in the raisins, cinnamon and stir well. Finally I put in the grapefruit, simmering for about 5min and give it a light toss and stir. Turn off the heat and get ready to eat.

In the meantime, get 2 bowls ready with plain yoghurt, a handful of almonds (or any nuts you like) and a few squirts of honey.

This gave us ample amount of energy and sugar rush to start the day and take our legs around the mall. I will definitely make it again. It was simple, easy and quick to make. I love it love it love it and I’m happy that my husband loves it too! You can imagine all the other fruit combination you can make for a lovely warm and very inviting breakfast. The aroma of the cinnamon was heavenly and I’m forever a sucker for almonds so anything with almonds, I’ll be the first in line, you can count on it.

Saturday started right for us, knowing that we HAD an appointment with Dermalogica. I decided to pull out my Jimmy Choo for H&M to wear that day, making sure to take it easy and slow. I readied my feet with plasters left and right. If anyone looked closely, I was definitely a high heel amateur! But it made me feel glamorous and tall and nobody can take away my confidence that day looking all fab and fantastic!

We arrived early so we sat down and had a cuppa at Starbucks. I had to visit the ladies room so my husband ordered for the both of us. To my surprise, I found a lovely baked turkey and cheese croissant waiting on the table, thinking “oh, what happened to the breakfast that we just had?” He was hungry, poor guy. I have to remember that he’s much bigger than me and needs more to fill him up! Suffice to say, I had a mouthful too and it was bloody good and the price wasn’t too bad either. My faith in Starbucks is slowly coming back.

So with my beautiful heels, skinny jeans and peasant top, I decided that I would wait for my husband at Starbucks rather than walk around for the duration of the appointment as sitting down and looking pretty would do me good. I’ve never got on well with new high heels, I mean, tell me who does especially when you’re breaking into them. No pain, no gain. For the rest of the afternoon, we walked around the mall and at the end of the day, I was walking sideways, crooked, limping, moping and grumpy. But this was all in my head, on the outside, I looked like a Glamazon! Haha, what a joke, I have to pay for the price of fashion and looking good. Hopefully in time I would be a Glamazon both inside and outside.

We came home after a nice long day at Dubai Mall, got our food shopping done in Waitrose and came back to cook dinner. We munched on parsnip and potato crisps found on sale in M&S which was a novelty. My husband made a lovely beef bolognese with loads of vegetables. The meal was so hot but we were so hungry, we ate through the heat and came out with burnt tongues and mouths and belly’s bursting and stretched. We had a great weekend together. Looking forward to this weekend but not before wasting 5 days of it in the meat grinder!