>Curry Puff Cupcake-Style

>Good morning everyone! What a wonderful change to the weather, but I am not complaining about the rain, it was rainy, gloomy and dark for the past few days which I thoroughly enjoyed! The sun is out, the sky is blue but I’m not sure what the temperature is like outside as I haven’t stepped foot outside yet.

I was suppose to head up to Fitness First today for Yoga at 10.30am, but lo and behold, it is 12.15pm and I am still at home! I’m such a lazy bum! But I have to say, I’m still not feeling well so that’s my excuse for not going out and also I wasn’t sure about the weather. I don’t want to step outside and then get drenched! The roads are definitely flooded here, the stormwater system here doesn’t work, or rather, doesn’t exist?! The drivers here are not considerate about splashing pedestrians (from personal experience) so it definitely doesn’t want to make me go out. I should head out later this afternoon, just for some air, if the road in between our building and the park is not still flooded! It’s hard to move around on foot unless I head to a mall for walkies which also means spendies! The Kardashian line for bebe looks real appealing. I am loving it! Will head to Dubai Mall this weekend to check it out.

Anyway – back to the food. I made curry puffs, with a twist. I’m always twisting and turning recipes to fit my style or ingredients availability. I have some left over wonton skin so I decided to make curry puffs, with wonton skin, rather than the normal puff pastry or water pastry. And to make it interesting, it’s not the normal curry puff, I made the ‘puffs’ in a muffin tray so they are in a cupcake style!

So firstly, into the wok goes the meat curry, which involves:
500g mince beef
2 medium potatoes, diced
3 large onions, diced
1 clove of garlic, diced
2 stalks of lemongrass, minced
2 tbsp curry powder
2 tbsp dessicated coconut

So the ingredients into the wok, onions and garlic first with spices, cooked until brown and fragrant. Then put in the mince meat and cook till done. Let to rest and cool down while you prepare the shell.

For the shell, I used wonton skins, first lightly oiling both sides and then place in each muffin cup. I found that you need to put at least 3 layers of skin or more, to fully cover all sides to hold the curry mince meat.

So when the skin’s all placed into the muffin tray (as above), place the mince equally into the cups and bake in the oven for 30min in a 180degC oven. They will

They came out LOVELY! Look at them, golden, meaty, crunchy, spicy, hearty, thick and delicious, simply delicious!!!

I am so glad I tried it with wonton skin, it was crunchy and golden when they came out of the oven and the aroma… oh the aroma was heavenly! I have not smelt curry puffs in a long long time. The aroma of of mince curry with a fragrant pastry… The last time was when mom made them so that would be more than 2 years ago? Maybe 1.5years or so. But it brought back some lovely memories, as mom made me make this dish because she made them recently. Thoroughly enjoyed this yummy meal, I will definitely make this again, maybe using a different pastry style, either home made or bought. Watch this space! šŸ˜‰