>Roast Lamb Shoulders with Warm Chickpea Salad

>So yesterday, I had a lovely day with a few additional ‘toys’ to play with. They are called Gucci Jimmy Choo and ARNLD. The day passed really quickly as I had a few errands to run. I combine my morning walk with my Sunday morning food shopping this morning, making my way to Organics and Choitrams. Organics have really let me down by their choice of wholesale prices for Sundays. They used to have really good promotions on good decent products but now there isn’t as many and as good. My normal is the Quinoa loaf but it’s not even on sale this week. I’ll check it out again next week.

Anyway, there were some items to pick up as our weekend food shopping was done in a rush so we only got the heavy items and left the other lighter items for me to pick up during the week. To my surprise, the lamb shoulders were on sale and we haven’t had lamb for a long time so I thought it would be nice to have some, warm lamb feta salad anyone? maybe? Oh, but I’ve soaked chickpeas overnight so we should really have that.

So, we decided on roasting the lamb with thyme and rosemary, like mom used to make and then toss up a warm chickpea salad. We have 1/4 of cabbage in the fridge so decided to use that, carrots, green capsicum and coriander. All lightly blanched in hot boiling water, leaving the vegetables warm, cooked but still crunchy to bite.

For the lamb, I cleaned and cut the fat off the lamb meat, seasoned with salt and pepper, thyme and oregano, nicely rubbed in and coated on both sides. The lamb went into the oven for about 30min in a heated oven of 180degC.

On the side, I decided to make a little dressing, consisting of:
2 tbsp (big) yoghurt
1 tbsp tahini
juice from 1/2 a lemon
minced fresh mint (about 1tbsp)

Mix it all together and you get a lovely fresh, sour and minty dressing. Season to taste of course. Add in as much or as little ingredients as you want.

And ta-da, here’s our lovely meal for Sunday night. I mixed the yoghurt dressing into the vegetables as the veges weren’t seasoned but I later found out that the veges should be eaten as it is and the yoghurt dressing should be eaten with the tender roasted lamb.
The day ended on a good note, but the lamb did heat up my body. I went to bed feeling really warm and woke up this morning feeling hot and tired. I only had 2 pieces of lamb, but lamb is known for it’s heaty properties so maybe I should have more vegetables and 1 piece of lamb meat next time around. Think the lamb shoulder was on sale for AED25/kg, the cheapest I’ve seen so far so I’ll be going around to get 2 more trays for another round of roast lamb, for hubby of course, I’ll go vegetarian that night, I don’t want to feel how I felt that night again. It wasn’t very nice. Mom suggested barley water to cool my body down, she always knows what to do in situations like this.