>Gourmet Spam Sandwich, French Toast and Stirfry Tuna with Cabbage

>This is a quick weekend collection. It’s really fast and simple food as Friday and Saturday, we had a full on day with a full agenda. And also being the last weekend (for some) of the DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) I was seeking out bargains, tagging along my poor husband who cringed everytime we entered a shop or when I picked something up…

Back to the food now then… *ahem* right, on Thursday night we had a quick meal of caramalized onions and mushrooms with chicken spam on toast, gourmet style? But it was delicious, panfried toast and then into the oven to melt the cheese. I used Gouda (light) cheese, the rest were left over food from the day before.

Hubby had to have his with a few squeezes of tommy K which added a nice tang to the meal. His farewell drinks was cancelled because of the ‘dry’ weekend due to Prophet Mohammed’s birthday so got postponed till Saturday night.

I made this lovely French Toast a la Natalie style Friday morning. We went to Bert’s for breakfast last Saturday and my husband ordered French Toast which was 2 small slices of bread fried with egg and came with a side of maple syrup. He was not impressed at all. So I was determined to make him a better version of French Toast, you know, you keep his spirits up about French Toasts (for the future) and made this lovely breakfast. I added a side of lettuce and cucumber and spread avocado on the toast for added goodness. For flavouring, I sprinkled some rosemary and oregano on top.

As for me, I just had 2 medium boiled eggs, lettuce and cucumber with the same seasoning. I wanted my eggs to be soft boiled, like the ones you get at Kopi-O’s in Malaysia but I guess I was so busy preparing the meal that I left the eggs in the hot water for too long. Was it 2mins…? that you were suppose to boil the eggs for? Or does anyone know how long to boil the eggs for soft boiled eggs? Let me know.

For Saturday night fast food meal (as hubby was at his farewell drinks), I made myself a quick stirfry of canned tuna with cabbage, topped with Lingham chilli sauce (I just love that sauce! You can’t go wrong with it)! The hotter and spicier the better and more addictive the meal is (to me anyway), but poor hubby can’t take it too hot which is a pity.