>Tribute to Mom

>This is my favourite photo, sent over by mom, who made this lovely lovely dessert, may it be a tart or a cake it doesn’t matter. It looks so delectable and scrumptious! I’m literally salivating here just looking at the picture, imagining how it tastes like. This little beautiful number is a Blueberry Yoghurt Tart, one of many dishes made by mom for her international dinner with the family.

This is mom’s Stollen bread, beautifully made into a wreath, for Christmas of course.
Mom’s little pots of yumminess, egg and bacon quiches.

Lovely steamed Char Siew Bao, made by both mom and sis for Chinese New Year. Actually I’m not sure if there’s any left as I heard it’s the current favourite in the house right now.

The family has an international theme night going on where they each come up with foods from a country, cook them and then the rest of the guests have to guess which country the food came from. This weekend just passed, it was mom’s turn and she made food from Iceland. It was interesting getting involved in a way of looking up recipes for her but it made me know a little bit more about the food they eat in Iceland, rather, the way they cook them.

On the menu, there was stirfry cauliflower and beans (not sure if this was part of the Icelandic menu);

Boiled sweet potato, potatoes, butternut and swede;

Stew lamb’s kidney;
Herbed monkfish;
Breaded lamb;
And the final pieces to end a lovely night, was the blueberry yoghurt tart and fig cake. Both are definitely Icelandic as it was me who found the recipe! Yay to me!

My mom is such a talented cook, she’s been cooking forever, since she could remember, but throughout all my years of watching her cook and remembering all the meals that she made for us from young till now, you will never ever eat more delicious home cook meals than at mom’s. It’s always and will be “at mom’s”.

Mom, we look forward to your future cooking/baking adventures. Watch this space for more deliciousness to come! I can’t wait to try these recipes myself, especially the Blueberry Yoghurt Tart.