>Mini Bacon Wrapped Quiche Pots

>Dubai weather’s crazy. They say it’s going to rain, it doesnt, they say there’s going to be thunder, there isn’t. Personally, I welcome rain and thunder at this point, like last year, we counted 70 lightning strikes over a 20min span of time. It was exciting. We woke up these past few days with gloomy dark, cloudy weather. The sun peeked through every now and then but that was about it, temperature 20 – 28degC. It’s still too cold to go out sunbathing but it is lovely to go out for walks in 2-3 layers of clothing! I know, I know, I get cold real easily, I can’t help it, although it is lovely sitting outside with a hot cuppa with ease and comfort.

Speaking of which, on Thursday night I made these lovely bacon wrapped quiches from a mere glance of an image online, which I then concocted my own combination of vegetarian and seafood quiche. The salmon quiche came up from left over steamed salmon and the broccoli quiche came up from just wanting to eat broccoli. These quiches are super easy to make and put together and they look so fanciful, good enough for a party or when guests are over.

All you need is:
1 pack turkey bacon (or whatever bacon slice you have)
1 broccoli head
1 slice of steamed salmon
1 bowl frozen mixed veges
12 eggs
milk, salt and pepper

I used 1 pack of low fat turkey bacon, it so happens there were 12 slices in there, enough for my 12 muffin tray, perfect! I panfried the turkey bacon first, left them aside and sliced up the vegetables and mashed up the cold salmon piece. At the same time, I beat up about 12 eggs, seasoned with milk and salt and pepper and set it aside.

All that needs to be done is just put the turkey bacon into the muffin tray as above, creating a ring and fill the insides with frozen mixed veges topped with broccoli and frozen mixed veges with salmon. Mix and match them around, you could also try other ingredients as you wish.

Then when all done, just pour the egg mixture into the cups, filling them up to about 3/4 full. The egg will puff up once in the oven, mine leaked all over and spilled out of the tray – thus, having me clean the oven this morning which is a big pain in the butt I have to say!! You can also sprinkle some grated tasty and mozzarella cheeses over the top to seal the deal. Bake in the oven over a 180degC heat for about 30-45min or until the quiches turn brown.

And voila, beautiful mini quiche pots. I don’t know why I called them pots but it’s just real cute to see them pop out so beautifully out of the muffin tray. I had some left over egg mixture and vegetables, so I made some extra quiches without the turkey bacon which was lovely.

The quiches turned out beautifully, I myself had about 7 quiches as they were just delicious. I couldn’t pick which one was my favourite, I loved them all. I’m excited about other ingredients I could put in these little pot favours, they are almost little main meals on their own, I could experiment with practically any sort of filling in them. I wrapped my quiches in Lingham chilli sauce, HP sauce and tomato sauce! *phew*