>Blood Brothers at the Madinat and Breakfast at Paul Cafe and Bloomingdale’s Dubai

>I hope everyone’s having/had a good weekend this first month of February. I’m actually getting real excited because Chinese New Year is just next weekend! I’ve got so many things that I want to make, bake and cook, but there’s only 2 mouths to feed. But, with respect for tradition, I will make some traditional oldies but goodies.

Anyway, the Friday just passed, we watched Blood Brothers at the Madinat Theatre. It was a full house and I have to say, it was a good show. My husband played ‘Sam’, the big brother in his youthful times so he was real excited to watch this musical. The show was about twin brothers who were separated at birth, Eddie went to a wealthy family, Mickey stayed with the poor family. They found each other but didn’t know they were brothers and became best friends because they had the same birthdate. Through life’s ups and downs they both went, at the end, a woman created friction between them, causing jealousy. Mickey shot Eddie seconds after finding out they were twins separated at birth. The Mickey was then shot by the police who were standing by. They basically were born into and taken away from the world together, leading to a very sad ending. I was captivated by the acting, singing and comedy. I was particularly grossed out by the spitting throughout the musical, funny but disgusting! The final show was yesterday.

We woke up yesterday eager to get our tummies filled and decided to head to PAUL patisserie at the Mall of Emirates. We arrived at 10am and lo and behold, it was packed. This particular cafe does the best pastries being a French patisserie, popular amongst the expats. We have always walked past PAUL patisserie but was never able to get a table. That morning, we enjoyed breakfast together, amongst a sea of people, the next table being about 1 inch away from ours! It was crowded!!

These images were taken by other people, I think they’re the UK branches. I’ve blogged about Paul’s branch at Burjuman, it’s rustic, inviting, warm and aromatic. Their wooden interior made the ambiance very homely and cosy, which made the eating experience very intimate and together. The pastry aroma was intoxicating, kept under a golden light which were very inviting to the eyes. As we ate our Continental breakfast and Mushroom Omelette, accompanied by soft and freshly baked breads with creamy butter and the tastiest marmalade and strawberry jams, we couldn’t help but look and stare at the gold nuggets behind the show glass. As we ate, they brought out freshly baked almond croissants, pastries, breads, tarts, cakes, the lot. We had a good morning.

On another note, Bloomingdale’s opened in Dubai Mall just last week, with all the hype and excitement of it all, I myself haven’t been there but am very excited to visit it one of these days hopefully. It’s quite a dangerous time as it is DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) at the moment but with a very limited budget, I’ll probably be torturing myself. BUT, I will be good and just window shop. Doesn’t look like it’s part of the DSF though… I am very keen to visit Magnolia Bakery inside Bloomingdale’s, being the first ever store outside of the states. I’ve only heard so much about Magnolia Bakery, good things of course, so having said that, I have to make sure that I’ve made multiple appointments with the gym before trying one of their famous cupcakes!

These are just some pictures I found off GulfNews.com. I visit Bloomingdale’s only through the lens of others at the moment although it is only about a 20min drive from our place. My husband is dreading the visit, he says he’ll hold on to my handbag, his wallet and sit outside at Morelli’s Gelato while I browse away inside Bloomingdale’s, how supportive of him! 😛