>Baked Green Apples with Honey and Oats

>I felt like something sweet for dinner because we won’t have the time to have a sit down warm meal as we had an appointment at Fitness First. I had to consider something filling after a good 1hr’s workout and something light too… So voila, baked green apples, stuffed with a granola composition.

I cored the apples, all fairly similar in size. I made 4 apples, 2 each for us. The granola comprised of oats, oatbran, cinnamon, raisins and chopped almonds. I combined them all (no measurements – all just by eye) with a little water. This made the granola sticky. I placed the 4 apples side by side in a baking dish and stuffed them, allowing the oats to fall over.
I then drizzled some Agave Nectar over the apples for some added sweetness as the green apples would be abit sour, but also for the lovely glazed and stickiness it would have on the apples. Just lovely!

I left it to bake in the oven for about 30min till they bruised and browned all over, even better when the raisins are plump and slightly burnt all over. The stickier, the better!

I enjoyed mine as it is, the apple just melted in my mouth, like eating cotton candy with the crunchiness of the roasted almonds and the sweetness of the oats, it was the perfect dessert!

My husband on the other hand had his accompanied with devon custard. He has a massive sweet tooth, but I’m glad I didn’t add too much sugar in it in the first place. I think he enjoyed it, he ate in silence during and after. The both of us had a great workout in the gym, thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, although at one point it looked like a sweat factory, weightlifters lifting, body pumpers pumping, runners running, walkers walking… I could go on forever describing the environment in there. It was exhilarating actually!