>Finger Party Foods for Dinner

>So last night, I decided on some different, courtesy of mom having dinner theme nights, I decided do follow suite. Her dinners were international cuisines, I decided to just go for all sorts, so last night was finger/party food. I had a whole lot on my menu but I couldn’t make it all as there was only 2 of us to cook for!

We had some left over skewers from our BBQ brunch so I baked a few of each, pork, beef, chicken and lamb. The skewers were lovely and a definite favourite of my husband. He enjoyed something different, I did too, it was delicious.

We also had calamari, with homemade tempura (which didn’t turn out right – it was too watery) but my husband says that it was nice so I’ll take his word for it. I did try one tiny little piece though, and it was alright. The tempura batter was easy to make:

2/3cup cornflour
1/3cup flour
2/3cup cold icy water
salt and pepper

The thing is to keep the batter cold which makes it crispier and ‘flakier’. But unfortunately I added too much water, so just mix as you go. Coat and fry the calamari.

On the other side, I made a fresh pineapple salad consisting of cucumber, carrots, green olives, pineapples, cherry tomatoes. And I am particularly proud of my tofu coated with sesame seeds and miso. I just cubed the tofu block, coated it with miso and then toss and turn it in a bowl of mixed black and white sesame seeds. Then I placed them into a frying pan to cook till sizzling.

With a recent blog that I read, I decided to make some sweet potato crisps. Easy as 1,2,3, I sliced the kumara thinly, coated it with a little bit of oil, placed it in the oven and watch it carefully. You will need to take it out and stir things around abit (unless the slices are all placed flat), I had alot so I had to move it around otherwise ones will get cooked faster than the ones underneath. Salt and pepper are optional but I like mine sweet and natural.

We had a great meal – ate till our bellies were bursting, well for me anyway. Couldn’t go to bed till midnight when all the food’s settled down. Think this idea for theme nights will be a novelty at least once a week. We are coming up with a list of theme nights – if you guys have any suggestions, let me know, always keen for something different!