>Baked Cumin Chicken with Vegies and a Thick Blanket over Dubai

>We woke up with a cold white blanket all over the building and we the entire Dubai too. The temperature has dropped fairly slowly, these past few mornings, we woke up with the blanket covering the entire area. This morning it was 17deg C but it was still bit humid but it was cooling and nice for desert weather, definitely a novelty.

We enjoyed Baked Cumin Chicken and Roasted Vegetables during the weekend (both Friday and Saturday). The wonderful meal was prepared by my husband, although I did skin the chickens. I am proud to say that I am getting better at it and now I have a technique to skinning a chicken strategically and efficiently (from 30min each to 15min!). I don’t mind getting my hands all dirty to prepare good clean food, getting rid of all the bad stuff, feels very good when eating it.

So we just rubbed the cumin all over the chicken with some rosemary, salt and pepper and sprinkling of olive oil along with chopped up kumara, pumpkin, onions, carrots and peppers, seasoned with rosemary, basil, oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper. Both in the oven for 1hr, till battered and bruised! Yummy!

We were kept busy at Fitness First on our free day trial, running, walking, weights, stretches and absorbing in the smell of sweats… mmm, just lovely! It was a good day anyway with Body Balance on Saturday which was my first and I have to say I do enjoy gym classes! Pilates, yoga and tai chi – twisted me in places that I never knew (or couldn’t) do! I’m all bendy and flexible now. The finishing relaxation ending was nice, one thing that I liked about it was the affirmation the class gives you.

“as you breathe in, take in all the love around you and as you breathe out, expel all the bad and stressful things in your life”