>Weekend musings – Pinkberry, a foggy morning and our first Dubai BBQ

>Pinkberry arrived in Dubai a few weeks ago, with a few more fat free yoghurt based shops opening all over Dubai now. It’s a hit here, now that everyone’s into healthy eating. We stopped by last weekend, a corner store in the Mall of Emirates. Taking such a long time to decipher the menu, the waiter asked if it was our first time and we admitted that it was. This was a good thing because we had free samples of the 3 different yoghurt base, plain, greentea and cranberry or strawberry (I’m not sure, but it was pink).

Anyway, the options come with toppings or without, smoothies and frozen. I ordered green tea with blueberries, strawberries and mango, my husband ordered the plain yoghurt with about 6 toppings, blueberries, chocolate chip, dessicated coconut, mango, strawberries and pineapple.

I have to say that it was lovely and we thorougly enjoyed ourselves. The shop decor was very cute, designer and eclectic. However the chairs were abit uncomfortable, felt like I was sitting on a huge net with the ropes cutting into me.

It was one of those weekends when I woke up and looked out the window, wondering why it’s so dark and gloomy when I realise that the sun was totally blocked by a thick fog over the entire city. It was in the news too but the fog soon lifted and the sun shone through. The weather’s been real good but it is still very cold for me, in the early 20s, still shivering and unable to sit outside on the balcony without layers and layers of jacket/coat on me, not even under the sun! I cannot believe what I’m about to say but I can’t wait for the temperature to rise abit more.

During our weekly food shopping, we found bargains left and right, as the Dubai Shopping Festival has kinda begun. Carrefour was buzzing with sales and promotions and we decided to get a grill. It’s a Kenwood Health Grill as I was itching for BBQ style food. I miss barbecues, missed it when we were back in Auckland, I love the fellowship and togetherness that happens, the laughters, chatters and of course the delicious food that comes with family barbecues. Mom is the best hostess when it comes to barbecues, she makes sure that every meat is available, salads are made fresh and sauces galore.

Our barbecue was indoor, we are not allowed to have it outside, besides, we don’t have an extension cord long enough. But we went out shopping for some meat, got some meaty kebabs which we didn’t cook. We got some vegetables, big chunks of steaks and we tried the bbq rub, which was nice. My husband scoffed down one whole steak and was full after that, leaving me with everything else which I couldn’t eat, and we enjoyed it the next day and the meat makes good brown bag food!

Washing up was a pain, cleaning and scrubbing and we don’t have a storage place for it, so at the moment it’s placed next to the coat hanger. Doesn’t matter really as it’s just the two of us and we rarely have any guests over so we’ll just leave it for now, tucked away behind somewhere. We will definitely do this again as we still have the kebabs left otherwise in the oven it goes, easy peasy. But you cannot beat the grilling/barbecue taste.