>Homemade Peanut Butter

>Homemade peanut butter is so so so good. Not in a million years I thought I could make my own peanut butter, without all the nasties that you find in the commercial bottles, my first batch tastes so good. Weirdly enough, it is my husband’s first try at peanut butter. I cannot believe he’s never had PB&J in his life. But all I did was put in 250g of skinless roasted peanut butter into the food processor with a dash of salt (which is optional of course), and keep on processing until the peanuts breakdown and become a thick creamy consistency. Keep on blending until you’re happy with it. I stopped semi-chunky because I love my peanut butter chunky style. Took me about 5min or so, and it’s very worth while and super easy. I saw this on The Waitakere Redneck’s Kitchen blogsite, which is so great and helpful and has great recipes!

The top toast has PB and Honey, the bottom right is plain PB and the bottom right is PB&J (marmalade), we didn’t have any other fruity jam. But I’m very happy to say that my husband did enjoy his first PB experience and would be happy to have it again, but only with jam. I had a slice of toast this morning with some PB&J and it was heavenly. Somehow, home made food is so much more satisfying as you know what’s in it and the work that went into making it. I will make it again, but I do want to experiment with almond, cashew and maybe hazelnut? What else can I process?? I’m addicted to my handheld blender/processor now. I love it! I want to thank my husband for understanding and purchasing all the kitchen equipments (to date) to satisfy my passion in cooking and baking… for sure there’s going to be more to come… đŸ˜‰