>Cornbeef and Cheese Scroll Buns

>This one was planned a few weeks ago after I made the savoury ham and cheese scone. We had cans of corned beef in the cupboard which I wanted to throw away, but my husband said that maybe I could use it to make another savoury scone instead. Also, we got 3 packs of fat-free processed Bega cheese that are quite horrid! Thinking that fat free is good for you, but we definitely compromise on taste. The only way to describe the taste is like eating slices of jelly that taste like plastic. It was chewy, pale and not very nice. But it may be different with the block of cheese but I have to say that I will stick to normal cheese, light cheese rather than total fat free cheeses. It’s just not worth it.

But this recipe calls for a bread base – which consists of:
2 1/2cups of flour
1tsp of yeast
2tbsp of sugar
50g butter
140ml milk

1. Rub everything together with your fingers, make sure that the butter melts into the flour and forms a dough.
2. Knead it for about 10min for the gluten to come out and form a smooth texture.
3. After you’re happy with the outcome, place it in a warm area for the yeast to activate and proof for about 1hour.
4. Take it out once it’s doubled in size and punch it down and knead again.
5. Roll it out into a rectangle till flat.
6. Spread out the cornbeef and cheese over the top (see pic below). I added in chopped onions for added flavour and crunch.

7. Roll the pastry like a swiss roll – long edge, tightly – then cut them into pieces, with the ends facing down.
8. Proof them again in a warm place for 1hour (unfortunately I forgot), again, it will fluff up abit more, making the buns more fluffly.

9. I baked the cornbeef and cheese scroll buns for 1hour in an 190degC oven. I took them out when the crust turned golden brown.

I just loved the way it turned out, golden, brown crusted, fragrant and simply delicious. It has been a very long time since the both of us had cornbeef, so the first taste was simply described as “interesting”. But after a while, it tasted nice, but I have to say that I will be sticking to the normal ham and cheese, or peperoni and cheese, pastrami… anything except cornbeef. I just don’t like the taste anymore. Think my husband concurs. There’s a few more on the kitchen top that needs to be eaten, heat it up for about 20sec in the microwave and it’ll taste lovely. Do try it out, I’m all about experimenting and exciting your tastebuds with anything and everything!!