>Homemade Pumpkin, Carrot & Coriander Soup and Vegetable Mix Stirfry

>Just a sidebar, this is a BBQ rub that’s from stuff.co.nz, claiming to be the best rub so I tried it out, wanting to use the gazillion jars that I’ve collected. It consists of:

makes 500g
4tbsp tumeric powder
4tbsp smoked paprika
1tbsp chilli powder
2tbsp pepper
6tbsp garlic powder
3tbsp onion powder
3tbsp salt flakes
3tbsp oregano
3tbsp thyme

We used it on our indoor-bbq session just last weekend which I will post up in the next post. It was nice, although I didn’t put in as much salt, so it wasn’t salty.

Our dinner on Sunday night consisted of home made pumpkin, carrots and coriander, steamed first for about 20min, but poke it to test to make sure that it is soft enough to be processed in a blender comfortably. I added in a cube of vegetable stock and some milk to bring up the creaminess of the soup rather than normal soups which call for heavy cream. I used skimmed milk for the soup.The soup turned out beautifully. The root vegetables were steamed till very soft, almost falling apart, then with a hand blender, I blend the vegies together. Of course you should cut them into small pieces, then season to your own taste. My husband had his with slices of Quinoa toast. I used 2 medium carrots, 1/4 of a pumpkin and few sprigs of coriander, to serve 1 person.

I on the other hand, had our left over BBQ vegetables, courgette, onions, mushrooms, capsicums, broadbeans along with onion and mushroom omelette. It was a big plate of vegetables and I am ashamed to say that I finished the entire plate myself! It is alot of food, but I couldn’t stop, seriously! It was some good good food! I just love onion mushroom omelettes, guess I get it from back home cos it is one of my dad’s favourites!

Will definitely make vegetarian again soon. Our start to eating vegies and I’m also reading alot of the Macrobiotic diet. Quite exciting and facinating – The Macrobiotic Way by Michio Kushi