>Mock Steamboat and Herbed Sausage Fried Rice

>We had our mock steamboat trial last night accompanied with herbed sausage fried rice, left over from the night before. The steamboat was just soup with fish, prawn, tofu balls, chinese cabbage, carrot, coriander and spring onions boiled in vegetable stock in a pot and then brought to the table. We had it plain with the seafood balls dipped in assorted sauces, Thai Chilli Sauce, Hoisin Sauce, Lingham Sauce and Sambal Chilli Sauce.

And as mentioned above, we had herbed sausage fried rice with garlic and onions, spring onions and coriander for taste with salt and pepper seasoning. I pre-cooked some brown basmati rice before frying it in the pan otherwise it’ll be sticky and soft. The smell was beautiful and so fragrant, I had a few sneaky mouthfuls before I served it up!

Anyway, this weekend, we were suppose to head out to Cabana at The Address Dubai Mall for an Outback BBQ Friday Brunch but they are fully booked! They’ve been fully booked for weeks now, people have called in 3-4weeks ahead to book, bloody heck! Guess it’s first come, first serve. But we are going to head out to that way anyway, walk around Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar, we have to get tickets for Burj Khalifa for my husband’s colleagues who are coming down from overseas with family and just be nosey with what’s going on around Burj Dubai. In saying that, I am really looking forward to Bloomingdales opening in Dubai Mall and Dean&Deluca supermarket on the lower ground floor! It’s going to be exciting times, but will the Media City MRT Station open already!!! My shopping and walking times are being severly cut short because of it, or lack of it shall I say.. humph..