>Tuna Bake, Chinese BBQ Chicken with Mushroom Stirfry and Borewores Fried Rice

>I have so much to catch up on! I don’t know what’s happen to me, I have not been good with updating kitchen adventures at eleven06! Naughty, naughty!! Anyway, the week has flown by so quickly and hey… wadya know, it’s already the 10th of January! How have you guys managed your new year’s resolutions? Or did you not have any? I decided not to put one together because it just doesn’t work. I set my resolutions weekly so that it is achievable and more realistic. In terms of the bigger picture, I don’t know what’s going to happen so I’d rather not.

Tuna Bake
Anyway, I do know that I made some really good dishes in the past week, some in this blog and some in the next blog. This first one is a lovely tuna bake. I was scrummaging through the larder the other day and found 6 cans of tuna that we haven’t touched since ages ago, so I decided to put together a tuna bake which is more like a quiche. This time it was dry rather than wet, so it’s more of a bake.

2 cans of tuna
2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables
1 can button mushroom, sliced
2 large onions, diced
5 eggs, lightly beaten
grated cheddar and mozzarella cheese

This is a real easy dish, just mix all the ingredients together, breaking the tuna into smaller pieces, but not fully mashed out and mixe together well. Season with salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar. The dish was then baked for about 45min in a 180degC oven. We enjoyed the tuna with stir fried vegetables, broccoli, carrots and brown rice.

Chinese BBQ Chicken with Mushroom Stir Fry
We had two lovely pieces of chicken breasts in the freezer, crying out to be eaten as we have been neglecting it for several weeks now and so happen, my mom suggested stewing black mushrooms for Chinese New Year (which is a few weeks away) and I put the two and two together and came up with this lovely meal. Chinese BBQ is also called “Char Siew” which is the chinese twist to a barbecue sauce! The chinese bbq sauce came out from a jar, I don’t know how to make this sauce from scratch, and marinated with the chicken pieces for about 2hrs before it went into the oven for about 40min under 180degC heat.

The mushroom stir fry consists of:
8 big black mushrooms, sliced
2 bunches of bak choy
2 carrots, sliced
garlic and onion
1 tsp cornflour
soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil
salt and pepper

With the stirfry, you will have to soak the black mushrooms in water a few hours before hand so the mushrooms will absorb the water as all chinese black mushrooms come in dried forms. Do not throw away the remaining water that the mushroom’s soaked in as this is used for the sauce for the stir fry. Fry the onion and garlic in sesame oil until golden, then put in the mushroom and carrots and stir fry abit more. Then add in the mushroom water, the seasoning (to taste) and cover till it simmers. Once the mushroom’s cooked, stir in the pak choy until limp and bruised, then finally stir in the cornflour (mix with some water first). This will thicken the water into a sauce like mixture without being too starchy.

We had some left over mushroom stirfry for the next day, which we had with 1 head of blanched broccoli and more brown rice and some more left over tuna bake. YUM!
Borewores Fried Rice
One of my husband’s favourite dish is fried rice so I decided to put this dish together. I cooked some brown rice in the afternoon, which will allow it to cool before I can fry it on the wok. If you fry hot rice, it’ll be very sticky and messy. The rice must be allowed to cool before re-frying it again. We got a pack of pork borewores from Organics the other week which would work so well with the fried rice.

1. I placed the borewores into the oven to bake for 30min, rather than fry it as it would be slightly healthier if anything at all, in a 180degC heat.
2. The rice was then fried with onions and garlic, some soy sauce and sesame oil till fragrant. Take it out and set aside.
3. I made a quick stirfry consisting again of broccoli and carrots, you of course can have it with any other vegetables, but if you want to make things easier and more convenient, put in some frozen mixed veges when you fry the rice.
4. When everything’s cooked, just put them together, the rice, the vegetables and slices of borewores on the top to finish off.

So, so lovely! I just want to say that we had a whole lot of broccoli because it was cheap that week! Think it was about AED9/kg in Carrefour so I stocked up as broccoli’s normally AED15/kg from Australia! Not sure where these broccoli came from but hey, it’s cheap and it’s good for you. I think I have 2 more heads in the fridge, we got 6 heads! I love broccoli too much to resist!

Hey everyone, just want to say Happy New Year to all my followers (if any), no matter, I’ll still keep on blogging and keep on taking pictures – hopefully I will make them more professional with time. Just took something lovely out of the oven. Will blog about it tomorrow! Till then, enjoy love, life and good food! 🙂