>Chicken "Wat Tan Hor"

>This was last night’s dinner, it was concocted up pretty quickly as we came home in the evening after a lovely day out at the movies. Yes, we watched Avatar! It was good.. it was good, I loved it, although it was abit long – 2 1/2hrs long to be exact – but it was worth while. The 3D glasses gave me a headache at the beginning but after 2 panadols, I felt better. We had to buy our own 3D glasses (AED3 each), which is a rip off!! We’re going to keep it for next time if we ever go back to watch a 3D movie. It should be free dang-it! The show was confusing at the beginning, not knowing what it was about or how it was going to be shown as, cos I know it was half reality and have animation. But if you haven’t already seen it, GO SEE IT! We also watched Sherlock Holmes the weekend before that, it was nice too. Robert Downey Jr is a very talented actor I have to say.

So, this is a quick dish put together. I steamed the chicken for 30min with slices of ginger and while that was steaming away, I chopped up;

10 fresh mushrooms, sliced
1 medium carrot, sliced
5 leaves of chinese cabbage
2 eggs
salt and pepper
1 1/2tsp cornflour
1 cube of chicken stock

1. Place 2 bowls of water into a sauce pan and bring to bowl.
2. Put in the carrots and chinese cabbage and bring to boil. Put in the chicken stock and stir till mixed thoroughly and melted.
3. When boiling, put in the mushrooms and continuously stir whilst pouring in the cornflour (mixed with water) to thicken.
4. Turn off the heat and break in the 2 eggs into the hot pot. Stir rigorously creating the stringy effect in the soup.

It is up to you how long you stir and serve, with how you like your egg consistency. I like my eggs cooked right through so I stirred it till the eggs were cooked right through. You can stir in the egg and then serve immediately if you wish.

The steamed chicken was then sliced and placed at the bottom of the bowl with the egg and vegetable sauce poured on top to infuse the flavours together better. This can also be eaten with flat white rice noodles and cooked in a seasoned wok for that stirfry effect and taste! Make sure the noodles are ‘fried’ abit before serving too… ooooh, just lovely!!!!!