>Vegetable Curry and Fried Tofu with Salted Mince Pork

>My favourite dish, tofu with salted mince pork and coriander – brings back memories from my childhood because we eat alot of this dish with rice porridge. But I did use only 1 cube of tofu with a whole lot of mince as you can see in the picture above! It was a tad bit too salty because I used soy sauce as I couldn’t find salted raddish to go with this dish, as traditionally used by mom. But the soy sauce did it’s job but I poured in too much. But this is just a lovely healthy dish and alongside it is an aubergine, mushroom, capsicum and carrot curry. It was either to go with a spicy dish or a tomato based dish and I thought, I want spicy so I got spicy! These two recipes are so easy and takes no time to dish up. I think they both took 1hr in total from preparation to sitting down and eating, of course, a lot of multitasking is involved in that time. I’ve become very effective in my cooking ways to make sure that too much time isn’t taken up to prepare.

So basically, it’s just 1 cube of tofu (panfried) and about 400g of mince pork cooked with garlic, flavoured with pepper and soy sauce and then finally stir in the coriander for colour and taste.

The vegetable curry consists of 1 medium aubergine, 1 medium carrot, 2 medium capsicums and 2 handfuls of fresh mushrooms, always with garlic and onion. The spices that are in this dish are curry powder, chilli powder, cumin, coriander, garam masala, salt and pepper. Easy as that. Just add and subtract to taste. If it gets too hot, stir in some low fat sour cream or yoghurt or skimmed milk. Don’t put in coconut milk or cream as it contains alot of fat. If you are on a healthy diet, then avoid coconut milk or cream. The substitutes listed above work as well as the coconut cream.

We had 2nd helpings each to finish off the meal and we were so bloated and ultra full after. I didn’t want any leftovers due to our trip, otherwise it’ll have to be frozen which I didn’t want because our freezer is already busting to the seams! At least our fridge is fairly empty, nothing fresh in there and nothing that will go bad within those few weeks we are away so I’m glad.

I will definitely cook the tofu mince dish again because it is my favourite, but unfortunately my husband doesn’t like tofu served in such a big piece, so easy enough to be remedied, by slicing them into smaller pieces and pan frying them and then he’ll eat! Hhhmm… funny! So this will be my last blog for a while, will come back with more fabulous fantastic meals! Take Care all and have a fantastic week ahead.