>Steak with Roasted Veges, Honey Roasted Carrots with Apricots and Bacon wrapped stuffed Chicken Breast

>Sorry, but I had put this in, my recent purchase from the crazy chaotic H&M yesterday when the affordable line of Jimmy Choo’s went on sale. Everything flew off the shelves in minutes and I fought myself into getting my hands on something, anything!!! There were hundreds of people waiting in line and I was at the back (which really bummed me out) but I got my hands on a pair of size 37 shoes and I held in to it for dear life. I also saw the last scarf on the shelf, grabbed it and ran! Clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags, all gone, vanished before I even stepped into the store! This was a serious issue here, to get your hands on this limited edition collection. It was the same overseas as well, this collection just flew off shelves and I was disappointed that I didn’t get what I wanted. I didn’t realise the rush was going to be that mad, pushing, pulling, bumping, shouting, it’s total madness… I told my husband but he just said, “it’s just a pair of shoes!” (*gasp*)

Man will never understand Woman!!!

I also was given a scent ribbon on the way to my free make over by L’oreal at the Mall of Emirates, Dolce & Gabbana’s “rose the one”. I love it, love it, love it. The scent is soooo me! Wonder how much it costs!? Duty free maybe? It’s utterly gorgeous!!!

AND, being the good, considerate person that I am, I got my husband a gift too, a lovely Kenneth Cole leather belt and a Kit Kat Chunky and Kit Kat Dark Chocolate. He told me 2 nights ago that he misses Kit Kat. So I thought, well I’ll get it for you since you’ve not indulged in chocolate for such a long time now. You deserve it (this once!) 🙂

So anyway, back to the purpose of this blog… cooking! I made stuffed chicken breast wrapped in streaky bacon plus golden carrots, roasted in honey, orange and apricots. Firstly, the chicken breasts were stuffed with diced pickled onions, fresh mushrooms, garlic and sundried tomatoes. They were then panfried till limp. Let cool and place in between the chicken pieces. Add a piece of smoked cheddar cheese in between the chicken and the bacon for extra saltiness and cheesiness! The hint of smoky flavour didn’t over power the entire fillet, it complimented it perfectly. No salt or pepper, all natural flavours and they all emersed together nicely. I baked it for about 45min – 1hr.

Look at these gorgeous carrots! I sliced up about 5 small – medium carrots in a pre-packed foil (easy to make it yourself), squeezed 1 medium orange juice with zest and all, sliced up about 8 dried apricots which has been soaked for about 5hrs, 2tsp honey and a few shakes of oregano. I then put it in the oven for 1hr to ensure that the carrots and the juices soak into each other and carrots become soft and tender. When I opened the package, the colour was just amazing as you can see in the picture!! Simply wonderful.

Doesn’t it all look so beautiful? The taste was lovely, very complimentary of each other and rich in it’s own rights. Lovely eaten together too, as each taste didn’t over power each other. My husband didn’t say a word while having dinner and I can only guest that it was too good to waste time with chatter! He didn’t have a good day at work either, quite stressed but at least he came home to a delicious home cooked meal. I do try…

We had this meal last night (Thurs), I managed to come home after my shopping spree with achy legs, hips, etc. Had to have 2 panadols before I could pick myself up to make this dish. It is basically steak with roasted vegetables.

I pan fried up pieces of tenderloin, the secret here is not to use ‘steak’ pieces as they are tough. Tenderloin and striploins are the best beef cuts because no matter how short or long you cook them, they will always come out tender and will melt in your mouth. Just make sure you remove all that fat and sinew before cooking the fillets. I cooked the fillets in olive oil till well done. After removing the steak pieces, I used the pan juices to cook the onions and mushrooms till they’re bruised and limp. I added in some water and half a cube of beef stock (to taste). I used about 4 medium onions (cut into rings) and about 8 small fresh mushrooms.

For the roasted vegetables:
1 medium aubergine, cubed
2 small carrots, sliced
2 capsicums (any colour), diced
few shakes of oregano and rosemary
salt and pepper
extra virgin olive oil

Place in the pre heated 190degC oven for about 1hr too, I like my vegetables very brown, limp and soft. It’s the best!

Serve them all up, warm and saucy and enjoy! I enjoyed 1 steak fillet, my husband enjoyed 3 steak fillets and once again, ate in silence which I WILL take as a compliment. He was thoroughly satisfied with the meal, again, after a long long day at work. He came home at about 8.30pm last night, poor guy! At least he comes home to a warm meal every night which is the least I can do. Take Care all, it’s the weekend!!!!!!