>Sambal Chicken, Chilli Tuna and Baked Salmon with Lemon and Herbs

>Oh la la, doesn’t that look beautiful? That is Sambal Chicken with onions and garlic accompanied with blanched broccoli and carrots. The chilli sambal paste is from the remaining half pack that I had from a previous meal. I normally use only half a pack for just the two of us. It is enough to get my husband’s mouth flaming. He had to douse himself with 2 glasses of milk, 1 before the meal and 1 after! Seriously, it wasn’t hot at all.

This meal was made from the left over broccoli and carrot, I blanched 2 broccoli heads and 1 carrot and we had alot left over. So I decided to add 1 can of tuna, onions and garlic, and about 1/2 cup of sweet chilli sauce and 1/2 cup chilli sambal paste. It was lovely in a cheap-quick cooking way.

So last night, I baked our 5th and 6th pieces of salmon, (there are 4 pieces left from our 8 piece purchase ON SALE) and we still love it, with lemon, rosemarry and thyme and little bit of salt. I didn’t want to over power the herbs and lemon with the salt. I baked the salmon for 35min in an oven heated up to 190degC. Remember to ALWAYS preheat your oven.

The salmon came out lovely, the fillet was big and the meat was thick and juicy. We squeezed the lemon over the salmon which gave it a lovely sour tang and accompanied with stirfry pak choy with garlic and sesame seeds (and brown basmati rice). The meal was lovely and healthy.

Wow, can you believe that I spent the entire day today collating recipes from “The Early Show” website? Every morning at 9am – 10am-ish, I watch The Early Show, an early morning news show based in the States and at the end of almost every episode, there will be a cooking segment, called Chef in a Shoestring. It basically promotes affordable, cheap eats of meals less than US$35. It is so entertaining to watch, some healthy, some sinful, some normal, some based on festivities and more. They bring on celebrity and iron chefs, also in-house chefs to demonstrate how to cook these lovely meals. There are 62 pages worth of recipes, averaging about 15 episodes a page, and within those 15 pages, numerous numbers of recipes. I have collected 230 pages so far of recipes that entice and visually stimulate my tastebuds. They range from all sorts of recipes, healthy, sinful, vegetarian, BBQ’s, desserts, brown bag lunches, healthy kids meals and more.

I am still collecting and going through them but I doubt I’ll be able to go through all 62 pages today because looking at the clock, it is already 3pm. I’m going to have to start preparing dinner soon as I have something special in mind for tonight’s meal. I am going to make Stuffed Chicken Breast with Sundried Tomatoes, Mushroom and Onions, wrapped in strip bacon, accompanied with apricot and honey roasted carrots. That’s just something that I concocted up in my head together and also from memory, recreating mom’s home cooked meals. I remember mom making bacon wrapped chicken breast filled with lovely stuffing so I’m going to try recreate that meal tonight. Think a start at 4pm will be good enough? I want to roast the carrots till it is soft and moist and melts in your mouth, so that will be about 1hr roasting time. And I have to cook the stuffing for the breast meat before it goes into the oven. At the moment I have the dried apricots soaking in water for about 3 hours now, but by the time I use it, the apricots would have soaked for 4.5-5hrs, which would be plump and juicy. I will put it in my next blog… tomorrow will be spent at the mall, busy getting my hands on some Jimmy Choo gear at H&M. I’m so looking forward to it. Hope I get something at least because there’ll be millions of people there but only 1000 items. I hope I won’t be disappointed, I have to be vicious and tough because everyone else will be. SO EXCITED!!