>Tuna Bake Quiche & Sambal Chilli Beef

>This blog is abit late… This was breakfast on Thursday, coffee, toast with banana and yoghurt. I have to say that it was absolutely lovely, having breakfast on the balcony, the last day of the weekday and the beginning of the weekend. Not sure what was planned but we had a great weekend which included a walk along JBR with 4 scoops of gelato at Cafe Roma. On Friday, we had a sunny walk to the Spice Souk, bargaining for dates and figs, then coffee and cake at The French Bakery at Burj Dubai and a couple of drinks and great conversation at the Montgomerie Club, watching the sun set over the greens of the golf range. The waiter then brought out the candles, romanticising the entire atmosphere. And then on Saturday, off to the tailors, post office and then food shopping at Carrefour at the Mall of Emirates. We then spent the rest of the day at home watching Saw I & II, The Drs and Oprah, while wrapping up presents for family.

For our Thursday night dinner, I decided to try out something new, I combined the tuna bake and quiche recipe together and I’m so glad to say that it turned out beautifully. The quiche did puff up in the oven while baking, but then it sank down when it cooled down on the dinner table. The recipe’s really easy, I made this from memory so it’s my own concoction:

400g frozen mixed vegetables
2 cans tuna
1 can of Cream of Mushroom
8 eggs
enough grated cheese for the top

So all you need to do is mix the cream of mushroom with the eggs, then put in the tuna and frozen mixed veges together in a baking tray and stir evenly. Place the grated cheese on top of the dish, as much as you like. Our favourite is cheddar and tasty cheese combined and I put extra cheese on it because we love our cheese!! It turned out lovely but the ingredients eventually separated – tuna at the bottom and the vegetables floated to the top.

Look how beautiful it turned out!!! It was gorgeous!

My husband loves it with brown sauce…

And I love mine with brown and red sauce… 🙂

Sambal Chilli Beef
Specially flew in from Malaysia to New Zealand and sent over to Dubai with love. This chilli paste is awesome! Although it did say its for vegetables but it tasted so good with beef anyway. Any chilli/curry paste can go with anything if you would just experiment, its oh so exciting!!

Anyway, with this secret ingredient (I only put half in), I mixed it with:
4 medium onions, diced
2 large sweet potato, cubed
1 clove of garlic, diced
1kg of striploin beef, sliced
1 cup milk/water

First pan fry the onions and garlic until it browns and turns fragrant, then mix in the paste and the milk and mix together well. Leave it to boil for a while and then put in the beef and toss till evenly mixed. Leave to cook, turning and stirring evenly. Then leave to simmer on a small heat for about 30min till the beef becomes soft and tender. It’s an absolute delight to the taste buds and the spiciness is gorgeous!

We enjoyed it with some steamed french beans and sliced carrots and also at the side, we had some toasted quinoa bread. The beef was so tender to taste, the sweet potato was soft and sweet, the onions and garlic thickened the dish beautifully. Wish we had some roti canai to enjoy it with but those things are deadly, once you start, you cannot stop!!! There’s still half of the paste left so I’m wondering what to use it with but I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful! Might try it with salmon? Hhmm…

Tonight we’re going to have pan fried king fish, with sweet and sour capsicum and pineapple sauce. I have an awful cough so I cannot eat anything cooling for my body.. so that takes out the pineapple for me. I’ll just have my king fish with chives and sliced carrots I think.

Went out this morning to get 2 loaves of Quinoa bread, 1kg of brown basmati rice, some Propolis cough mixture, cellotape and the Gulfnews. It was a nice walk, although there was abit of wind therefore bringing up the sand, creating a dusty environment and abit uncomfortable to walk in. Anyway, am back home now, enjoying coffee, banana and some propolis!! 🙂