>Chicken with Tofu in Egg Sauce (Wat Tan Hor) – ish

>Looking at another food blogger’s website, I got so inspired by this recipe. Although I did omit some ingredients but it tasted quite the same. I love chinese food and is attempting to reminisce my alternate life in Malaysia. But this is one that looked good and was easy to make – its chicken and tofu in creamy egg sauce. I added in some more vegetables, namely carrots and bak choy. But I followed the recipe from “My Asian Kitchen” blogsite. Her meals are so amazing and I like her recipes and her pictures are simply delicious!! The main ingredients for the creaminess are cornflour and egg.

I had mine as it is but made some noodles for my husband. It would go well with some fried egg noodles, which would make it claypot noodle style – without the claypot that is, but it would probably still taste good, adding extra flavour to the entirety of the dish. Will try it next time with other types of noodles, vermicelli, flat rice noodles.. which would make it watanhor style! Can’t wait to bring back smells and tastes from my childhood!

Tonight’s dinner’s going to be last night’s left overs, plus chive omelette with panfried salmon, taken out 2 days ago! Needs to be eaten. This week is going to be a quiet week, so we’re going to enjoy time together and looking forward to getting ready for our trip home!

Countdown 3 weeks till NZ!!