>Vegetarian Curry Pizza and Banana & Date Muffin

>Oh what a beautiful morning… oh what a beautiful day… I’ve got a beautiful feeling, everything’s going my wayyyy… What a great weekend we had. I think more so me than my husband as we did a whole lot of walking and shopping.

Vegetarian Curry Pizza
But before I get into the weekend, we spent Wednesday and Thursday enjoying my own made-up gourmet pizza. This is something that I’m very proud of that I concocted it up myself. I used up the weeks aubergine curry by making it more interesting in a way of combining Indian and Italian together. Firstly, wednesday was a good day for me as I finally got some moolah for my hard work after far too long! I concocted up my Indian pizza because my husband doesn’t like vegetables for one, and I think the curry was too spicy for him. So I decided to create something that he will want to eat, cos I know he loves Italian food.

So the pizza toppings were mainly aubergine curry, with lebanese flat bread as a base. I made 4 different toppings, the first was aubergine curry with feta cheese topping, second was aubergine curry with grated tasty cheese topping, the third was aubergine curry with steamed chicken pieces and grated tasty cheese topping and the forth was a special one for my husband, chopped steamed chicken with grated tasty cheese and low fat mayo and HP sauce. So you can guess that the chicken pizza went off first, followed by the other curry pizzas.

This is how they turned out after baking them for 30min in a 180degC oven. SUPER delicious I can tell you that, I’ve never had curry pizza before so the pizzas were so good. Think my husband suffered abit with the spiciness! But always have a bit of milk before and after you eat spicy curry so it won’t burn too badly. This is a meal for 2 people over 2 days. I’m sure I’ll make it again but maybe I’ll add some hot sauce to my own pizza next time around.

Banana and Date Muffins
I want to say that this is the best muffin I’ve ever made and tasted!!!! They came out so moist and fluffy, delicious, sweet and melted in my mouth! OMGness!!!! Ok ok, sorry about all the exclamation marks but I just can’t help it! Anybody reading this MUST tryout this recipe! I promise you that you will not regret it and it is very easy to make too.

Ingredients are:
3 ripe bananas, mashed (I made mine chunky)
1 cup dates, chopped
2 1/2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup sugar
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
1 large egg
285ml milk
100g butter, melted

Just add the ingredients together, mix well and pour them out into a muffin tray. Bake under a 180degC heat for about 30min. They turned out beautifully. They were moist, soft, melty, sweet, I cut down on the sugar because I added more bananas than was asked so the extra sugar came naturally from the banana. Watch out though, they came out straight from the oven extremely soft, so let it set and cool down for a bit before you take them out of the tray. But I have to say that they tasted real good right out of the oven if you don’t care too much for the way they look. After all, you are the baker and it’s the taste you’re testing, not the look (for the moment).

I made a batch of 12 for a uni friend that I was going to meet at Marina Mall after 3 years! She’s always wanted to try my baking after reading my blog so I decided to surprise her with a few muffins. We kept 3 for ourselves which I’m glad we did, it was lovely! I realise that I should cut down on the flour so the muffins will be moist and soft when they come out, or add more butter and liquids. That’ll probably help ensure moistness and meltiness!

Back to our weekend, we had a lovely brunch on Friday at Organics at Dubai Mall, and we are very happy that we found a place that we love and would go back again without hesitation! The Friday and Saturday brunch is well worth the price, cheapest we’ve found so far and it’s healthy too, so no guilt there! The breakfast, hot food and desserts were just lovely, can’t wait to go back again when we feel like splurging out on brunch! Then we walked around the mall to look for work shirts for my husband when we stumbled on M&S sales! Well worth the sale prices so we got about 8 shirts over all. It’s surprise to see sales on at the moment considering the Ramadhan sale just ended a month ago? And then there’ll be sales again in Jan/Feb for winter… guess that’s how they get people to spend money here in Dubai. Stopped by Moi&Toi, love the clothes in there, got a top and a summer dress – looks like I found another favourite store, thank you very much! We had a stop by at Barista Creme house for coffee and strawberry shake late afternoon, to rest out weary legs and then off again to my favourite label houses!! Couldn’t help myself… I’m so guilty of over indulging!