>What a great weekend!

>I had a nice breezy walk this morning to the Green’s town centre, I visited the Organics store and Choitrams for some groceries, namely Quinoa Bread, organic tomato purees, soy milk, almonds, tuna, cheese, yoghurt and today’s newspaper. I love my Sunday morning walks to the Organic store, I just love bargains and discounts… who doesn’t?

This weekend, we had such a lazy breezy weekend. We woke up late on Friday, had a late breakfast on the balcony with our last few Fig & Banana muffins topped with greek yoghurt and devon custard with a hot cuppa. We stayed out on the balcony until about midday when we left for the Magrudy’s Warehouse Sale. We arrived and found boxes of books laid on the carpark area, literally hundreds of people sifting through all the books, starting from AED5 – AED20. We found 2 bags worth of books, worrying about the cost when we were only charged AED85 for 19 books. The RRP was AED1095!!! How great was that? We will be going back next weekend again for more bargains! What a great way to start the week huh!?

We then headed off to our favourite haunt, Limetree Cafe at around mid noon and found several new dishes behind their big show glass. The place was packed as always and we took a corner table as soon as it was vacated! My decision was made when the waiter walked pass me with a plate of spinach, feta and bacon slice and my husband ordered a breakfast slice (egg, potato, sausages/meat pieces) and we both had a glass of grapefruit juice each. The spinach slice came with a rich tomato sauce and the breakfast slice came with the limetree cafe special relish. Both the dishes were lovely and very filling, we had to resist the desserts which were visually enticing! Talk about chocolate fudge slice, berry and coconut cake, carrot cake and loads more! After that heavy high tea, we went for a walk around Jumeirah Centre and The Village Mall. We found some new favourites which we will definitely visit again.

On Saturday we woke up early, did some food shopping at Carrefour Express at Oasis Mall which was again very quiet, we felt so carefree and relaxed. We then headed off to the Chevrolet car garage to pick up our new Lumina and organised the whole exchange with our current rental company. My first drive down Sheik Zayed Road was alright… ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband was enjoying the new car while I had mine on triptonics wondering what the heck that grinding sound was! Haha!

We had lunch at home, egg and ham sandwiches with fruit cocktail and iced tea, had a bit of a rest and then headed down to JBR to the Covent Garden Market at The Walk. It was so nice, I love outdoor flea markets, especially the ones in NZ, Aotea Square Market, Britomart Market, Takapuna Flea Market, Matakana Farmers Market, Aussie, Europe, I miss flea markets. I love that everything is so unique, one of a kind, inspiring me to come up with something that may eventuate of renting a stall and selling my one of a kind goods. Covent Garden Market Dubai is a unique outdoor market showcasing art work, jewellery makers, fashion designers and artisans. The outdoor market is located at The Walk on JBR, adjacent to the beach, next to a whole row of restaurants, cafes and bakeries, fashion boutiques and shops which is very convenient for visitors. There are night markets too, on Wednesday and Thursday nights which will be cooler for our next visit! Yay!

It was so hot but we continued walking around the stalls and I have to say I found some really nice trinkets, accessories, jewellery and some gypsy dresses. However, because we were so uncomfortable, I decided to come back another time to try things out. We then headed off to Mall of Emirates for some ice cream at Haagen Daz, I had raspberry and lemon sorbet and my husband had the Hot Fudge Cake Surprise which consisted of one slice of chocolate cake, one slice of fudge cake drizzled with hot fudge sundae and one scoop of vanilla and one scoop of cookies and cream ice cream. The afternoon treat was just so refreshing from the outdoor heat.

The mall was not very busy, so we headed to Mont Blanc, think there will be a future purchase from that store for our anniversary, and LV to look at my ‘future handbag’. The one I was eyeing was the Mahina Shoulder Bag (L) bronze or cream colour, it is so gorgeous! Unfortunately the price took me back big time, more than expected so I tried it out on my shoulder in front of the mirror knowing that I will never be able to own that bag! I will always have to visually enjoy the bag from afar. We were on our way to the car when I decided to stop by Burberry.

Suffice to say, I walked out with a huge smile on my face, I am a happy chappy! It was very satisfying knowing that I earned that bag after all that hard work that I did! Just beautiful, the stitching, the touch, the finishing and the look. It’s gorgeous and I’m so happy with it ๐Ÿ™‚

We came home and my husband made his own delicious bolognese, complete with veal mince, carrots, onions, peppers, fresh mushrooms and lovely rich organic tomato puree, seasoned with basil and oregano, and toast for good faith! Looking forward to next weekend when we head to Royal Thai (last day of their yumchar deal promotion) at Dubai Festival City and maybe a walk down the Dubai Creek.

(Counting down 4 weeks to NZ!)