>Real Carrot Cake Muffins, Sago Jelly and Red Wine Beef Stew (take 2)

>I’ve only cooked twice this week! It’s cos I’ve cooked more and now we eat them for two meals rather than one. It is good in some way that it gives me more time to do whatever it is I do, but it also saves me time, trying to crack my head as to what to cook. The bad thing is that, overnight food is never good for your body, but as long as it’s heated up properly, it should be ok. Shouldn’t do it too often though, it can get cooling for your body.

Anyway, our meal for the past two days have been our favourite Red Wine Beef stew (recipe already provided in previous blog) as we were in need for a nice hearty warm dish and with it, I made a total opposite, cooling salad. This one was a concoction of several vegetables I had in my fridge that needs to be eaten. So in this was lettuce, carrot, avocado, celery, tomatoes, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, tahini, lemon juice and spring onions and coriander. The dish was nice made fresh but we also had it the next day and it didn’t look really good (as can be seen from the photo) but we had to eat it up, no wasting!

After a nice chat in the weekend, we were talking about Asian food when my husband brought it up from his recent golf game with his clients, I decided to make some Asian sweets/desserts for the management team just to boost up morale considering the working environment in there.. (talk about being stress!) So I decided to concoct up my own sago dessert, normally made separately and eaten fresh and warm in a bowl with a spoon, however, these were not available therefore I decided to experiment on making it jelly style. I made the sago, boiling it over the stove with water until it turned transparent, then added in 400g of light coconut milk, 1 cup of cane sugar (gula melaka not available) and then gelatin. Suffice to say that it turned out too hard and it could not be eaten. It was like eating rubber. I made a mistake by adding too much gelatin or on the other hand, not enough water. So the entire 2 plates had to be thrown out. I was upset, I was disappointed with myself, not being able to experiment successfully, but I will try it again. I mistakenly thought that pure gelatin is the same as flavoured jelly (in terms of the amount of water to dilute the jelly) so now I won’t make the same mistake the next time around. I might go the other way and try it out “kueh” style rather than jelly style. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Along with the jelly, I decided to make some of my famous carrot cake muffins. This time around, considering it wasn’t made for my stomach and arteries, I decided to make it with the original recipe rather than the modified recipe. The normal ingredients are:

2cups all purpose flour
2tsp baking powder
1tsp bicarbonate soda
2tsp cinnamon
2tsp vanilla essence
1cup caster sugar
1tsp salt
1cup oil
2cups carrot, grated
1cup raisins
1cup walnuts, chopped (optional)
1can pineapple, chopped (optional)

This time, I added 1tsp of light cream cheese inside between the mixture when I was filling in the muffin tray. So, 1 tbsp of mixture first, then 1tsp of cream cheese, then fill up with the mixture again. The cream cheese won’t melt or combine with the mixture when it goes in the oven. The cream cheese will hold itself. So put them in the oven under a 190degC heat for about 35min.

They came out beautifully! Not sure why they’re so yellow/orange looking but they smelt great and delicious. Unfortunately because I only made 12, I couldn’t get a taster so I don’t have any pictures of the inside of the muffin. But I have had feedback and they were a hit! They were moist, creamy and delicious and I am glad. His clients were happy and greatful for the midday sugar hit. Next time I’m going to make Sweet Potato Balls with Red Bean paste that I found on another blog site which reminds me so much of home! Can’t wait to try it out and share it with my husband’s clients again, which would keep them happy I hope!