>Black Bean Salmon, Spinach Lasagne, Roasted Veges, a weekend to remember…

>Good afternoon all, hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours sure passed real quick. I know, I know, I always say that but who doesn’t like the weekends? It’s the best time to relax, unwind, take it slow and easy and enjoy time with loved ones, laughing and enjoying life together.

Well, on Thursday night, I decided to try something new (although when it was baking, it gave out a very worrying aroma), salmon with black bean sauce. I normally combine black bean sauce with pork because it’s the yummiest ever! But this time I wanted to try something new. I was worried about the salmon, wasn’t sure how it would turn out but ultimately, when we took the first mouthful, it was actually quite lovely. The black bean sauce came out from the Lee Kum Kee bottle, in case you didn’t know, Lee Kum Kee makes good Asian sauces and I do recommend it for your Asian dishes. It comes in a number of variety of sauces which are very tasty and you only need a small amount so the jar will last you for some time.

I know the picture doesn’t do the salmon any justice, but trust me, it tastes quite nice. A simple, plain stir fried vegetables consisting of pak choy, broccoli, carrot, tofu and baby corn (left overs from the day before) accompanied the strong salty fish was lovely – I pan fried the tofu (because this is the only way my husband would eat tofu). We had a nice Thursday night dinner.

The taste of the salmon this time around was particularly strong, and with the black bean sauce, the taste lingered on for a while. I couldn’t take it any longer and suggested some ice cream! I had vanilla ice cream with Kahlua drizzled on top and my husband had Butter Pecan with Cointreau drizzled on top. We sat down and watched American’s Got Talent, a lovely finish to the working day and the beginning of the long awaited weekend!!!

On Friday morning, we shot off down Jumeira 3, in search of Central Perk, having been through the “Friends” marathon (and still going – AGAIN). The cafe was located in a very questionable area, amongst a residential area, rather than along the popular Jumeira Beach Road. However, the environment, ambiance was exactly like in ‘Friends’. There were orange and green couches, along with wooden chairs and tables and other comfy sofas. The place was popular as there were a number of people there for breakfast, a group of teenagers, singletons and couples, the place catered for everyone.We sat down and ordered 1 cheese and almond croissant, 1 fruit salad, 1 mochachino and 1 steamed milk. We waited for about 10min when our food arrived, I have to say however, we were, well, I was disappointed with my order. My bowl was super small, costing me AED13 for a small bowl of fruits which tasted like onions (which was changed and the fruits probably just rinsed under tap water)! My husband had his tiny croissants which were not satisfying at all. The drinks came in small cups and we left feeling like we were cheated on. Pity that the place is so nice and friendly however the food was disappointing. I would like to go back again just for the ambiance and environment the next time we’re in the area but would prefer to go to Limetree Cafe for value for money (and the food and ambiance reminds me of home so there’s always a place for us there).

For our weekend dinners, my husband made a fry up of sausages, onions and mushrooms and baked some vegetables consisting of broccoli, kumara, onions, mushrooms and garlic, lightly seasoned with basil and oregano. It was lovely! He fried up some pork sausages which we haven’t had for such a long time and fry ups, which we don’t normally do unless it’s the weekend! A beautiful meal put together. I knew he has some talent for cooking!

I have to say that we found another super delish cafe called Le Pain Quotient at Mall of Emirates. The cafe is rustic, with wooden floors and tables and chairs, the menu was filled with lovelies that we couldn’t even choose. The time was around 11am so we didn’t know whether to order breakfast or lunch but in the end I got a Granola Parfait with a Mochachino (the best I’ve tasted so far in Dubai) and my husband ordered 1 cheese and 1 almond croissant and an Iced Tea. We have to say that the croissants here were bigger and much tastier, the fillings were overflowing and it was the same price as Central Perk too! Talk about paying for the name!!! But we found our new niche to have our little splurge time, insisting that we go back for lunch another day! It couldn’t have started our day any better!

And once again, his all time famous spinach lasagne for Saturday night’s dinner. This is so that I don’t have to cook dinner tonight, gives me an extra day off from scratching my head, wondering what to cook. He will bake a big tray of lasagne, enough for two people, over two days. Again, wonderfully made with love and care, finished off with beautifully brown mozzarella cheese and this time, had an extra oomph to the dish (turkey frankfuters)! Simply delicious!!

Well, I have this whole week’s meal planned out and they are all out of the ordinary simple meals that I normally make. It ranges from Goan Pork Curry to Minestrone, Salad Nicoise and maybe throw in a dish of Chicken Curry in there somewhere… after all, I did buy a big bag of curry leaves which I want to use! We are going to try out a steam diet starting from next week onwards, hoping to clean our system and strive to be healthy.

This morning, I walked down to Organics and Choitrams, got myself a loaf of Quinoa Bread, chocolate soy milk, 1kg of brown basmati rice, 1L of roasted organic tomatoes, toothpaste, hand sanitiser and vanilla coloured nail polish from Nivea. Can’t wait to try it out! The weather was nice and cooling to begin with but then it got warmer when I was walking home, so I was glad to walk faster and get home quicker! Did some housework and now spending some time, out on the balcony with the warm weather and the sun, just lovely, waiting for my husband to get home and enjoy the sunset with me. Take Care all…