>Sticky Chinese BBQ Ribs with Tofu and Brocolli Warm Salad

>This is going to be a short (but sweet) post, we had a super yummy, good and bad dinner last night, sticky chinese bbq pork ribs with warm tofu and broccoli salad. I had some left over tofu from the other night when I had tofu and spinach soup so I was pondering on what I can do with the left over tofu and I was craving for broccoli as well. It was cheap last weekend, think it was about AED9/kg so I got 3 broccoli heads to feed my craving!

The ribs were from Organics, I only get them during their 20% sale, otherwise it’s daylight robbery to buy them retail price. And I used the Lee Kum Kee Chinese Barbeque Sauce to douse the ribs with, they are the best, in the oven for about 40min (just to make sure) in 180degC heat.

The warm tofu salad was super easy, the ingredients were:
1 firm tofu square
1 broccoli head
2 carrots
1 can babycorn
sesame and pumpkin seeds
soy sauce
pepper and salt

The vegetables above were cut into bite size and they were all blanched until semi-cooked. Then a drizzle some soy sauce and sesame oil into the bowl, with handfuls of sesame and pumpkin seeds to finish them off. Lightly toss, don’t break the tofu if you can help it and serve warm!!

I’m so glad I made it yesterday because it’s my husband’s favourite dish. He came home from work, fuming, which meant he didn’t have a good day at work. After unloading his frustrations and worries, I brought out this bowl of hot steaming bbq ribs and it put a smile on his face. He will eat the whole bowl if he had his way, poor thing. But he started off with small fork-fuls of vegetables first, then headed towards the ribs, after all, he wants the taste of ribs to be the last thing in his mouth… hehe. Well, I’m glad I made him happy at least a little bit after such a bad day at work, but after that we spent the rest of the night out in the balcony, with ice lemon tea, in a warm but cool breeze. It was a nice end to the day. Have a great weekend everybody and I’ll see you on Sunday! Am seeing salmon in black bean sauce for our dinner tonight… mmm…