>Sausage Casserole and Spinach Lasagne

>Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Eid Al Fitr to all celebrating! It’s already the third day into the festivities but the holiday is celebrated for 1 month so we have few days more of Eid celebration. The hype isn’t as great as I thought it would be compared to Raya celebrations that I’ve experienced. Our closest experience is as I mentioned in my previous blog, an Iftar buffet and also Eid sweets.

We bought some Eid sweets from Geant, just cos we’re curious and craving for sugar. We got some chocolate roll fig, pistachios and peanut flaky pastry and almond slice. There were loads more but we couldn’t fit it into our small plate (expensive too), so we decided to just try what we have. It was all sweet and delicious considering we were experiencing our own fasting too.

But on Friday, my husband made sausage casserole for lunch and had some left overs for dinner too. The casserole consisted of beef frankfuters, capsicums, mushrooms, baked beans, canned tomatoes and bacon. The secret is to pan fry the frankfuters and bacon first for that lovely fried taste before stewing them with the vegetables. It was lovely, seasoned with salt and pepper but watch out for the salt from the meats.

We were so glad that Eid was announced for Sunday and Monday which means 4 day weekend! So we went to Dubai Mall on Sunday to participate in the festivities and remembered that Pappa Roti was there and we had to try it out, well, my husband had to try it as I’ve eaten it before in Malaysia. We ordered 2 coffee buns with an Americano and Mochachino. The buns came warm and so delicious. The coffee topping was crunchy and the butter inside was warm and melted. It was so good! Yes, it isn’t very healthy but this is just once in a while, no harm in treating yourself once in a while. In saying that, my husband has lost a whole lot of weight! I am so proud of him!
After a nice afternoon tea at Pappa Roti, we took a walk around the mall which was packed with people. We then went to try the new Chinese restaurant – Ping Pong from UK – specialising in Chinese Dim Sum. The food had great variety, we loved the hoi sin duck spring roll, however the quantity (3 pieces per order) wasn’t enough and were tiny and price is abit steep for the quantity. They should really serve 4 pieces per order because we were fighting for the 3rd piece between the 2 of us. Suffice to say we will try other Dim Sum restaurants before going back to Ping Pong for the hoi sin duck spring roll. Abit too expensive I reckon for the amount that we ordered.

On Monday, my husband made the most delicious Spinach Lasagne. We woke up late, only had 2 cups of coffee each and were hungry for food! His lasagne is definitely getting better and better and this time around, he didn’t even need the help of a cookbook! I’m so glad that he’s getting more confident in his cooking and opening up to more variety.

Again, the proportion of white and red sauce were nicely separated and the lasagne sheets were al dante, the mozzarella cheese was evenly spread out and brown on top. The lasagne overall was more controlled and the layers were very much visible, definitely comparable to Italian restaurant lasagne. It was a lovely end to the Eid weekend. Oh, and we also made it to my husband’s company BBQ which we enjoyed, minus the heat but very much welcomed the open bar and ice cold pineapple juice.

But alas, the good happy days have been cut short for me. I caught a flu bug, I’m currently busy nursing myself back to health, scratchy throat, runny nose, tired and achy body, headache, dizziness… I’m snuggled under my duvet, surrounded by pillows, tissues and strepsils everywhere, is it hot in here? Fever?? Hopefully this will just be a 1 week flu (like it usually is), so I can get up and start baking and cooking normally again. I’ve got 2 bakings in mind already, Orange Honey Muffin and Wholemeal Ginger Crunch. All in good time… all in good time.