>Sweet Potato Bake with Red Wine Beef Stew

>We had dinner a bit late last night, I underestimated the time it took to prepare this meal but I have to say that the meal was definitely worth the wait. The beef was tender, it helps that we chose the right cut of meat, the hearty wine taste and texture that gave the richness to the stew and the warmth, sweetness and density of the baked sweet potatoes and onions, just brought everything together nicely. The presentation and colours of the dishes were so beautiful, like works of art.
The sweet potatoes, or kumara as we call it is cut into 2-3cm thickness which is stacked with the onions (as seen in above picture), alternately, with knobs of butter placed in between (I substituted it with olive oil). I used about 3 large kumaras and 3 large red onions, sprinkled the top of the kumara with some ground ginger and poured in 200ml of chicken or vegetable stock to help it cook. I placed it in the oven at 180degC heat for about 1hr.

I used 1kg of striploin beef (which is tender to begin with so there is no need to stew the beef for hours and hours), cut into cubes, which I then pan fry with olive oil, about 5min on each sides. At the same time I cut 4 onions and 2 cans of button mushrooms into cubes. Once the beef’s done, I transfer it to a baking pan, which I then fill up with 400ml of beef stock. I leave it and tend to my onions which are now cooking in the same frying pan which I used for the beef, for all its beefy juicy goodness, stir frying it till golden. Then I add in the button mushrooms and stir fry for a while longer. I season the vegetable with thyme, salt and pepper and 1cup of red wine. It is then left to simmer and reduce so that the alcohol from the wine evaporates away. Mix in 2tbsp of demerera sugar to the mushroom and onion for caramelisation and sweetness. The onion mushroom is then combined to the beef and then into the oven with the sweet potato. The beef is already cooked so just worry about cooking the sweet potato.

This meal was well worth the wait, the meal was sumptuous and hearty. The red wine added a real intense taste and richness to the meal and the kumara just complimented it perfectly. It’s safe to say that this dish will be made again, very soon. Actually we have some left over for tonight’s dinner. I’ll be making a light chicken soup with it for my tummy cleansing, hasn’t been very healthy lately! Well worth the preparation so I definitely encourage you all out there to make it and try it. It’s lovely and got the satisfaction tick from my husband, so it’s gotta be good!