>Baked Cumin & Garlic Chicken with Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

>At approximately 5pm last night, the house was filled with the lovely aroma of roasting cumin spice, garlic, peppers, cheese, quinoa and millet stuffing. It warmed up the apartment too, so while dinner was in the oven, I enjoyed a few episodes of Friends before my other half walked in 15min earlier than expected which was a nice surprise.

We bought 2 whole chicken 2 weeks ago, super cheap at Geant, skinned and cleaned. I decided it’s easiest and quickest to bake them with cumin, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, and of course seasoned with salt and pepper. Next to our all time favourite, 5 spice powder baked chicken. With the chicken, I always do some roasted veges too for convenience sake. Then popped in my head, stuffed peppers.

We had some pepper overflow so I cooked some quinoa and millet over the stove, mixing them together with some extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, chicken stock, frozen mixed beans and stuffed the peppers with this lovely healthy mixture. I topped half of them with some mozzarella cheese and left the rest as it is. These stuffed peppers will later be eaten with black balsamic vinegar. The sour taste will add a nice twang to the peppers.

The cumin chicken was cooked in an oven set at 180deg C for 40min first alone while the garlic cloves roast with the olive oil and the chicken juices. It was lovely! The roasted garlic could also be eaten and spread over the peppers for taste. When the oven bell went, I put in the peppers which I then let roast and bake for another 45min which browned the cheese and cooked the chicken thoroughly.

The chicken and peppers turned out lovely! The chicken wasn’t overly dry, however it was eaten with the chicken juices in the roasting pan. The peppers were done right through, still moist inside and held together. We had the peppers with some balsamic vinegar, chicken juices and roasted garlic. Each tastes were unique and lovely on it’s own. It must have been Ramadhan, because what was left was only 1 maryland and wing and 1 pepper for my lunch today. Admittedly, 1 side of breast meat was used for 2days worth of lunch meat sandwich. Dinner was lovely and healthy too, oil only from the extra virgin olive oil but most of dinner was packed with protein. I am now trying to come up with some other way I can use the quinoa and millet stuffing. So that was the end of a lovely dinner, followed with more episodes of Friends.