>To A Wonderful Weekend.. cin cin..

>Well, I have to say that the weekend went superbly well. The final layout was as above, out came the final touches, crackers, a chilled bottle of Australian white wine and fried up some chicken frankfurters. We ate till our bellies were crying out for help and to top that up, some soy vanilla ice cream made an appearance too. It was a lovely end to a busy working week and the start of a lazy, easy weekend under the sun. Below are some close up pics of some foodie that accompanied the cheese platter.
On Saturday morning, we were awaken by the sounds of a drill hammer at 6am!!! How could they??? It was our weekend, time to sleep in and enjoy the warm bed, the soft duvet! Could have given them a piece of my mind but they are not worth getting out of bed and yelling over a hot, dusty balcony. Where’s their damn resource consent?

Anyway, to set that anger all aside, I woke up and made some scones. Two kinds, plain butter scones with raisins and wholemeal bran scones with extra virgin olive oil and chopped dates. They both turned out great, although the extra virgin was abit overwhelming. I should have just put olive oil instead of extra virgin. But it was ok, they have to be eaten. With the scones we had butter, cherry jam and marmalade and coffee fresh from the pot. I was kinda bummed because I thought I could whip extra light cream by hand but turned out I couldn’t. So we didn’t have cream with our scones after all. The cream is still sitting in the fridge and I have no idea what to do with it. But we spent time after that chatting over breakfast, sharing some laughs and thoughts about the past, present and future. We were slightly wiser after that! 🙂

I have to say though that during Ramadhan, it’s hard to want to go out due to the lack of convenient access to food and cafes during our mall walkabouts. But we had to go food shopping and caught some people/tourists eating ready food from supermarkets or from cafes open for takeaways. Where were the security guards? Our eating habits have changed too, to be culturally sensitive to the Muslim people. This is my first Ramadhan in Dubai, it is an interesting experience so far and it’s only been 1 week! 3 more weeks to go…

I always look forward to the weekends, that is when I can take a rest and leave the cooking duties to hubby. This weekend, he came up with a beautiful beef lasagne with rich tomato and white sauces. The consistency was perfect, the pasta sheets were al dante and the cheese was nicely melted and baked till brown on top. We shared half the lasagne with some left overs for tonight’s dinner.

Beautiful layering of the pasta sheets, where the red and white sauce were still visibly separate. It was delicious, not to mention he used a low fat sauce! He’s learning! Good man!

My breakfast this morning, the last 2 date scones, a banana, some yoghurt and a cup of coffee. It was wonderful. Was thinking about it the whole time I was at the gym! How sad is that? I was and am still mad that I didn’t get to work out on the cross trainer, dumb thing wasn’t working so I ran on the treadmill instead which was only half the calories I wanted to work off, within the same amount of time and too much effort. Will try again tomorrow. Happy Sunday everyone!