>Tonight’s Dinner Teasers…

>What a morning it has been for me, I had, and am still having such a busy day. I woke up as usual with my husband, sending him off to work and then got ready to go down to Choitrams to pick up some more food after our late night discussions about what we can add to tonight’s special event. We came to the conclusion that custard and ice cream would add nicely to our platter and also for the weekend, my husband was going to make us some smoothies to finish up our ‘almost black’ bananas. So to add to the list, I got a tub of skimmed yoghurt and I also got 2 boxes of wheat bran clusters which were on sale.

I soaked a 500g packet of soya beans and 500g of chickpea overnight, which greeted me this morning nice, plumped and juicy. I soaked them for almost 12hours in water. All the soya beans will be roasted straight from its raw state but the chickpeas will be boiled/cooked first before roasting them.

For the raw soya beans, I tossed them with some salt and pepper and some extra virgin olive oil on a lined tray, into the oven heated up at 180deg C. I just estimated the amounts, however not wanting the seasoning to overwhelm the taste of the soya beans. I roasted the beans for 1hr in total, tossing them once at the 30min interval.

The chickpeas were boiled first, until firm. I halved the chickpeas, one set for the freezer to be eaten as and when and the second set was seasoned with some chilli powder, cumin, coriander, paprika, some salt and extra virgin olive oil. Lightly tossed, I then put it in the oven, with the same amount of time and heat as the soya beans, tossing them halfway.

As you can see, the both of them turned out golden and roasted. They were both taste tested first for taste, texture and firmness to ensure that they’re cooked thoroughly. The smell and looks of the beans are gorgeous and they taste good too. They are simply exquisite. They will be a good and healthy addition to a taste platter – Arabic style – quite appropriate for Ramadhan don’t you think? They are absolutely perfect as finger food and as a snack as and when required.

As promised, here are two teaser pics of our variety of cheeses and our yummylicious dessert to come. There may not be any room left in our tummies after dinner but we’ll see. I got a variety of full fat and light cheeses, also full cream, light and soy ice cream for dessert. At least it will meet both our craving requirements. After all, it is the weekend. Resistance may be futile…

This is the whole grain black bread I wrote about yesterday from the German Bakery (in Geant), it’s lovely. It looks and tastes like the Nordic bread that you can get from Carrefour (slightly cheaper too). The density and taste of the bread is really nice and heavy and not forgetting that it’s healthy for you and can keep you full for long. I don’t think I will be able to make this bread though, it requires a number of expensive ingredients and there’s too much work involved (personally), so I think I’ll just leave it to the professionals!

There’s still more to do and prepare for tonight, I’ll just keep chugging on! Watch this space next week for updates! Have a great weekend all…