>Black Bean Pork for Dinner and some more…

>Dinner last night was awesome, it brought back some great homecooking memories from Athena Drive. Diced garlic and onions, with cubed pork, panfried until golden brown and fragrant. Then stir in Lee Kum Kee’s black bean sauce, just estimate the amount with the amount of meat that you’re cooking. I fried up about 800g of pork. Mmm… yum… Accompanied with yesterday’s left over chicken curry and brocolli, and we still have chicken and brocolli left over, for my lunch today. Tonight’s dinner will be simple, vegetable stirfry tonight for me and black bean pork fried rice tonight for my husband – on request.

Talk about the heat outside today. I went out this morning for a walk to pick up some groceries and it was scorching! 42degrees, I just embraced the heat, embrace the heat… *phew. The groceries was for tomorrow’s special dinner, a cheese platter, fruit, nuts and white wine dinner. Along with that I was thinking of some healthy snacks too which I will reveal tomorrow.

I went to Choitrams for some good cheese, I got some light Gouda cheese (AED15.95, NZD8), Bridal Camembert (AED26.25, NZD8), Monte Christo Cheddar (AED14.50, NZD7.50), we have some Harvati, light Cream Cheese and Babybell in the fridge. Also, must not forget the crackers, Arnott’s water crackers (AED5.25, NZD2.30), we have some rice crackers, poppyseed and sesame seed crackers from NZ and some wholegrain crackers (AED7.25). Not forgetting sundried tomatoes, grapes, chips and dips, humous and then dessert. And of course the white wine which we picked up from duty free. Prices of cheese are comparable or cheaper in NZ, being the biggest dairy producer in the world… Damn, I miss good cheese! More information and pictures on that tomorrow.

But guess what I found on the cooler shelf today?! You’d never guess it… Devon Clotted Cream! I never thought they’d sell them over here and next to it Double Clotted Cream! My husband’s favourite but I don’t think it’s good for health so a big no-no, although it’s on sale.

Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s dinner! I’ll be busy the whole afternoon getting everything together for high tea. Enjoy today!!