>Chicken Curry Special Delivery

>Last night’s dinner was utterly satisfying to all the senses – eyes, ears, nose and mouth, both tastebuds, tongue and for my husband, his throat, down his esophagus! But we used a curry paste especially sent to me from New Zealand, originated from Malaysia. I couldn’t put it all in due to a very low heat threshold in the family. But it was good! I normally make curries from scratch, as I love the challenge, but hey, always look forward to trying something new and fast!

I diced up 1 clove of garlic and 3 large onions, pan fried them till they’re golden brown in some RS Olive Oil. The smell was lovely. I love using garlic and onions in everything I cook. I contemplated on some ginger and lemongrass but decided not to as the paste had it’s own taste so I left them out. I only managed to put in 2/3rd’s of the paste because it was brimming to heat from hell. I added in some coconut milk and water to the curry sauce for thickness and flavour. With that, I diced up about 1kg of chicken breast which I stirfried before hand till abit golden and then added it to the curry sauce. Let simmer for about 15min – 20min to make sure that the flavour infuses together and let sit for a while before scoffing it down.

To accompany the beautiful curry, I blanched some broccoli, carrot and beans. Make sure the water’s boiling, then put in the vegetables and watch it carefully till it turns bright green. Take the veges out before they turn pale dirty green, otherwise they won’t be crunchy and become tasteless. Not pictured is a plate of fluffy white basmati rice, just lovely!

A little hint to all those who cannot tolerate too much spicy food, drink a little bit of full cream milk to coat your stomach lining before getting into the feast. Don’t drink water, it doesn’t help, full cream milk or soy milk or even some yoghurt will help soften the spiciness of the curry. Wadya know aye? Otherwise the rice can help too. Lovely dovely!