>What d’liteful cravings mean to me

>Hi everyone, I hope there are some of you out there following or at least looking at my blog. I’ve collected a whole load of food bloggers website out there, enjoying the recipes and the pictures. Personally, it’s all about the pictures tingle my tastebuds and make me hungry, searching for food. Why is it that all I do is think about food? All I think about is what I can eat next, what I can make and what to cook for dinner. My life seems to evolve around food so much that it sickens me since I am (should be) on a strict diet, and I mean SUPER strict diet because everything that I put in my mouth seem to show up on the weighing scale. I don’t have self control, having been through 4years of strict dieting without stepping out of line but now, its sad to say that I am loosing it. I need help!!! Wish I had my friend’s metabolic rate, she eats ANYTHING she wants and doesn’t put on a single pound. She’s stick thin and can scoff down 1 tub of pringles, KFC, pizza, anything… and won’t put on weight. How unfair is that??

But enough about me, the title of this post is what d’liteful cravings mean to me. I came up with that name from both the good side and bad side of food. d’liteful meaning good-for-you, healthy, light food; cravings meaning bad-for-you, devil’s food, only-this-once food, both sweet and savoury. I want to cater for both sides of the spectrum, for those who can eat and those who can’t eat. It’s very therapeutic for me personally to cook, bake, make food for those that I love and just see them enjoy it. Since I have no one to give my food to, I have to eat them all and subject my poor husband to it as well. At least he enjoys and appreciates my food and when I go home to my family, I will cook for them every chance I get and see them enjoy it.

I’ve collected tonnes of online recipes, cookbooks, memorised mom’s secret recipes and hope to one day make it all. The pictures from these recipes make me salivate and are what attracts me to them, I then start searching for food in my cupboard and refrigerator. Why do I put myself through this? I should look for another hobby. I love looking at Tastespotting and Foodporn for visual inspiration in photography, which is what prompted me to create this blog – to eventually one day open my own business from home or a cafe/bakery in some posh little area of town where d’liteful cravings have regular customers who come in the second I’ve taken out a fresh batch of date scones or coffee buns from the oven. That’ll be the ultimate pleasure for me. I can make anything and everything, from all countries and for all tastebuds, because ultimately it’s to see the smile on my customer’s face and to take them back to their comfort zone and to bring back good memories, like how mom use to make it. I love my mom’s cooking, no one can beat that, not even the poshest restaurants or the Michelin Star chefs. Mom’s kitchen is where it all started. Speaking of mom, I want to thank my mom for introducing me to the pleasures of food and cooking. Mom’s been cooking since she was 16years old, when she had to take care of her 7 siblings. I’ve always stood by her, watching her cook our meals and one day I asked her if I could stir the vegetables. From that day onwards the feeling never left me, so thanks mom, for showing me the way!

I’ve been thinking of having a speciality for d’liteful cravings where it’s the signature food for the cafe/bakery. Below are some teasers of what I’ve got in my mind which I haven’t been able to find in Dubai yet, but the biggest challenge is finding the ingredients as they’re mostly what I ate when I was growing up which is not from around here.

Think this might fly… I’m so excited… if only I could and I have the resources to start something up and be productive and proactive and contribute to my expensive passion which is shopping! Some of you may recognise the pictures above especially if you come from where I’m from, they were taken from images I found online and are inspirations to me.

I am looking at Starbucks for inspiration, how does a coffeehouse like that turn out to be what it is now, places like Costa Coffee, Dome, but at the same time I don’t want my style to turn out like them, if you know what I mean. I want them to be very unique, homely, cosy and mine. On the other hand, I want d’liteful cravings to be known world-wide. It’s nice to have time to think about my passion, my potential future?, but I think the best thing is to be able to work for myself in food, design and urban planning. How would I be able to bring all 3 together? I’m looking forward to the challenges the future brings for me and my family. Everyone wants to be paid for what they love doing and I want to be one of them.

Well bloggers, Happy Monday, hope you have a great week ahead. Plan ahead a great weekend to get you through the week. Another week of great weather, tad bit dusty though, but you can’t help smile when the sun’s out. Keep smiling all!

PS: I was naughty this morning, HELP ME!