>Flourless Orange Cake for My Birthday!

>We just celebrated my birthday and I made my own cake. I recently found this recipe for a Flourless Orange Cake and it looked too delicious to deny. I didn’t realise the work I had to do to make this cake (because I don’t have a mixing machine). Everything was done by hand. Good workout though I have to say! It took me 45min to whisk the egg mixture till light and fluffy! The recipe is so easy to remember and the cake is really tasty without flour. It came out very heavy, thick and creamy which was lovely. We topped it up with mandarins and a dollop of yoghurt, either plain or greek for that extra creaminess, minus the sinfulness of it all. The cake itself is healthy in its way, and still extremely satisfying and irresistible.

The ingredients:
6 eggs
1cup caster sugar
2 large sweet oranges
250g ground almond
1/4tsp salt

1. Peel and boil the oranges in a saucepan, covering the oranges with water. Once it starts boiling, simmer for a further 30min – 45min, topping up the water as you see necessary. Set aside to cool;
2. Whisk the eggs and sugar till light and fluffy;
3. Either process the oranges in a blender or mash it with the back of a fork;
4. Add the ground almonds and oranges into the egg mixture;
5. Line a baking tin with baking paper and bake for 1hr in an oven with 180degree heat.

The recipe could not be easier to make. Really hope that you enjoy it, do send me photos of your success and let me know how you like the cake. My husband enjoyed the experience, trying a flourless cake for the first time, it was light and we felt very guilt-free eating it!!