>Spring Rolls & Steamed Wonton Meatballs!

>So I finally made some Chinese food, the ultimate spring roll and some steamed chinese meatballs. I was craving for some good chinese food, so what better way than to make it yourself right? Took a long time to prepare and wrap them up but it was very worth it. I took one bite and I was in my happy place!

I was walking around in Choitrams, wasting some time when I saw the orange sticker (which means ‘on special’) on a pack of spring roll skin. What better reason to make some wontons I thought but when I opened the pack, the skin was not wonton skin but really ‘popiah’ skin which had to be cooked so I had to change plans.. wontons another day then.

So I made vegetarian spring rolls – ingredients included fried tofu, julienne carrots, chinese cabbage, beansprouts, celery and spring onions. And meatballs wrapped in spring roll skin (which turned out sticky – but still delicious!) – ingredients include mince beef, fresh coriander, diced onions and garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil and pepper. Of course you could substitute with mince pork, add chestnuts and/or carrots for crunchiness. The spring rolls were lightly pan fried in olive oil and the meatballs were steamed.

We had condiments at the side, some hoisin sauce, thai sweet chilli sauce and some hot sauce – sambal would be best or even tom yam but I had some peri peri sauce for some spicy kick. It was a good dinner and worth it, but alot of work… think I spent about 3hrs all up making them right up to sitting down and eating them. BUT I thoroughly enjoy challenges, the harder, longer and more complicated, the better! But I think the most rewarding is to see my husband enjoy the food that I cook. Maybe I should open up my own cafe/restaurant… its total satisfaction!