>Baked Lentil Balls & Bean Salsa

>Just a quick post, am so proud of how my lentil balls turned out – perfectly! They stayed in shape which made them look so much more delectable and covered with some bean salsa just made my day! I didn’t have mince meat and I had some bean salsa left overs so I had to brainstorm to see what I can do with them and voila! here’s a very successful outcome!

The lentil ball is so easy to make, but remember to soak the lentils before you cook them. I had yellow lentils (dhal), some left over barley, cumin, coriander, egg, olive oil, salt, pepper and some wholegrain crisps, as breadcrumbs to hold the mixture together. I had to mash them first because they would not stay together and would fall apart! But was so glad that it turned out the way it did. The bean salsa was mixed together with tomatoes, fresh, canned and paste, red and white kidney beans, coriander, onions and garlic and eggplant. Nothing could be more fresh and simple. YUM!